Assessment Tools Essay

Assessment Tools

Assessment process is represented by a number of varying tools as, for example, hiring and selection tools, leadership tools, communication tools, sales and teamwork tools - Assessment Tools Essay introduction. Nevertheless, the most interesting and controversial today is 360degree feedback as, on the one hand, it is argued to improve customer service and reduce discrimination risk, but, on the other hand, it is associated with conveying insufficient information. Generally, 360 degree feedback is defined as assessment toll used for providing each employee with an excellent opportunity to get feedback from members, customers, co-workers and peers. Each individual is also assigned to respond to 360 degree feedback in a self-assessment.

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Assessment Tools
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The positive moment is that individuals are allowed to understand how his work, behavior and effectiveness are viewed by others. In such a way, individual is provided with material for expected changes and improvements. The primary purpose of the 360 degree feedback is make each individual acquainted with his own strengths and weaknesses. Thus, 360 degree feedback is argued to contribute to professional development.

However, what to expect from 360 degree feedback? On the one hand, this assessment tool improves feedback from more sources, enhances team and individual professional development, career development, reduces discrimination risk and improves customer services. Team members realize the necessity to work together as effective team, understand organizational and individual needs, and to improve communication process. Moreover, this tool defines training needs of each individual. On the other hand, 360 degree feedback is criticized because it is argued to design process downfalls, to provide insufficient information, not to connect the process, to concentrate merely on negatives, and to overload computer data entry. As far as the process is anonymous, people are provided with no resources in case they are willing to understand better the feedback. Thus, it may destroy motivation and effectiveness of working process.


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