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The understanding of Business model

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Much recent research, which have been done in this concept, take place to show the status and critical issues for redefining and developing it to achieve the sustainable value. The value of this article is reflected in the improvement of the understanding of “business model” with theoretical analysis and distinguish it from other definitions to reveal differences and the need of it through a clear and operational strategy. Secondly, I would like to mention Pets. Mom which is one of the first e-commerce company in the information GE and uses as a typical example of the business terminology theory.

That company was very successful in marketing and brought the brand awareness to large customers. However, the coin has two faces: the e-commerce business model was still a very new field with some companies that time because of the value of experience. Next, the next mistake led that the company plans untested assumptions or speculations.

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The understanding of Business model
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Of course, failure is inevitable from the misunderstanding and the misuse.

From above, we realized the importance of the “business model” concept. One of the strong points with reference to this article is the provision and comparison some levels of criticality and analysis theories from researches, statistics and frameworks to show criticized aspects to compete the future opponents. This article also clarifies the terminology and the supplement for managers about a clear and practical strategy to prevent future threats.

In nutshell, this article gives some new dimensions for further search such as “business model innovation”. Nowadays, in a globalizes world, especially with a new e-commerce market such as my country, Vietnam, which has a gradual growth rate of the information technology, the clear and proper definition of the “business model” is important. Besides, the creation of competitive advantages for local companies to compete with international companies which has an experience length about the building of it such as eBay, Amazon is also essential.

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