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The Four-Food Group Theory



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    Purpose Statement- To inform my audience about the Four-Food Group Theory. Chapter 16 1. A. To persuade my audience to donate time as a community volunteer. – Question of policy -To persuade my audience that donating time as a community volunteer will make you feel better about yourself. Question of value b. To persuade my audience that violence in video games is a major cause of violent behavior among teenagers. -Question of fact -To persuade my audience that violent video games should be banned to certain aged children. C.

    To persuade my audience that a national sales tax should be adopted to help ay off the national debt -Question of policy -To persuade my audience that a national sales tax will pay off the national debt. D. To persuade my audience that it is unethical for businesses to use genetic testing in screening potential employees. -Question of value -To persuade my audience that genetic testing should be illegal in screening potential employees. 2. President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew in advance about the Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen. Question of Fact If Franklin D. Roosevelt knew in advance about the Japanese plan to attack Pearl Harbor, he was wrong in allowing it to happen. -Question of Value Using genetic profiles as screening devices for jobs in private business violates an employee’s right to privacy. -Question of Value The use of genetic profiles in screening employees for private business should be banned by law. -Question of Policy A federal law should be passed requiring the driver’s settable to be fastened in order for a car to operate. Question of Policy If the driver’s settable had to be fastened for a car to operate, we could save several hundred lives every year. – Question of Fact 3. Create two specific purpose statements about the topic you have selected? one for a speech to gain passive agreement, another for a speech to motivate immediate action. -Passive: To persuade my audience that trained gunmen should be allowed on school campuses. -Immediate: To persuade my audience to campaign for safer school zones.

    Using the topic you have selected, explain how a speech seeking immediate action would differ in structure and persuasive appeals from the speech seeking passive agreement. Be specific, and be sure to identify your selected topic in your answer. Trying to persuade my audience that guns should be allowed on school zones in a passive versus immediate action persuasion would differ a lot. If I were just trying to get them to agree that trained gunmen should be allowed on campuses I would use passive word choices. I will try to make them feel that it is a desirable thing.

    If I were using an immediate action approach I would have a more “go-getter” attitude. I would try to fire up the audience to agree that trained gunmen should be allowed on campuses and that they should go out and fight for the safety in school zones! . Describe the commercial you have selected and identify the target audience. – have chosen a Breeze commercial that targets adults. They start off by blindfolding people and bring them into a room for a “scent test. ” The room looks dirty and smelly and a dog was sitting and tearing up a couch before the people came in.

    They then were brought to sit down on the gross looking couch and asked what they smelled. They began describing the room as “flowery” smelling and other pleasant smells and was shocked to see where they were when they took the blindfolds off. Describe each step in the motivated sequence as it appears in the commercial you have selected. -Attention: They gain attention by bringing random people off the street into a filthy, and what looks to be smelly, room blindfolded. Satisfaction: They put the people in a smelly room and they smell nothing but pleasant smells. Need: Once the people describe that they smell pleasant smells, it creates the need for Breeze. -Visualization: The dirty room and spraying of Breeze before the people entered the room. -Action: The brief list of all their products at the end suggest you go buy their product now because it is he only air freshener that really works and it will make you “breath happy. ” Chapter 17 1. Below are two lists?a list of well-known public figures and a list of potential speech topics. Assume that each speaker will be addressing your speech class.

    For each speaker, identify the listed topic on which she or he would have the highest initial credibility for your class. Then explain how the speaker’s initial credibility might be affected if the speaker were discussing the topic in the right- hand column directly across from her or his name. Public Figures Topics Opera Winfred Talk Shows: The Comedy of Politics Bill Gates Future of Computers Fantasy as Literature AY Gore Environmental Politics Talk Shows: Their Role in Society Jon Stewart Comedy of Politics The Future of Computers J. K.

    Roiling Fantasy as literature Environmental Politics -Opera Winfred > Talk Shows: Their Role in Society -If Opera had to talk about The Comedy of Politics no one would take her seriously. She is not a comedian and not a politician. -Bill Gates > The Future of Computers -Bill Gates was a technology junky! He would not be a credible source to go to for literature fantasy writing. -AY Gore > Environmental Politics AY Gore might actually be found a bit credible for Talk Shows: Their Role in Society only for the fact that he has spoken on many shows and a movie.

    He would not be as credible as Opera on the topic though. -Jon Stewart > The Comedy of Politics -As a comedian he could probably make joke about the Future of Computers, but he would not be a credible source at projecting any kind of numbers for the topic. -J. K. Roiling > Fantasy of Literature -J. K Roiling is known for Harry Potter, the furthest thing from Environmental Politics. She would not be credible at all for this topic. . According to a study by the American Medical Association, men with bald spots have three times the risk of heart attack as men with a full head of hair.

    Strange as it may seem, it looks as if baldness is a cause of heart attacks. -Causal Reasoning -Weakness: Just because one thing occurs does not mean it is the cause of the other. Although men with bald spots have an increased risk, it does not necessarily mean that the bald spots themselves are causing heart attacks. There can be no doubt that the use of cell phones by drivers is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents. In New York, five friends who had just graduated from high school died in a head-on collision with a truck when the car driver lost control while using her phone to send a text message.

    In Colorado, a 1 7-year-old was using his cell phone when he struck and killed a bicyclist. In Massachusetts, a man driving an SUB killed a 13-year-old boy playing by the road. When police caught up to the driver, he said he was distracted by his cell phone and thought he had hit a mailbox. -Reasoning from Specific Instances -To me there are no weaknesses here. There are several specific instances noted that make the reasoning strong. The United States Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to bear arms. Gun control legislation infringes on the right of citizens to bear arms.

    Therefore, gun control legislation is contrary to the Constitution. -Reasoning from Principle -This topic is very controversial so a lot more evidence and persuasion would be needed. Almost every industrialized nation in the world except for the United States has a national curriculum and national tests to help ensure that schools throughout the country are meeting high standards of education. If such a system can work elsewhere, it can work in the United States as well. Analogical Reasoning -l find no weaknesses in this reasoning statement.

    However, they would need to go into more evidence of why they believe it will work in the U. S. 3. Do you believe it is ethical for public speakers to use emotional appeals when seeking to persuade an audience? Do you feel there are certain kinds of emotions to which an ethical speaker should not appeal? Why or why not? -It is absolutely ethical for public speakers to use emotional appeals when trying to persuade an audience. This is how a persuasive speech, especially one calling for immediate action will get the audience to take immediate action.

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