Assignment 3.05 writing narrative introductions Essay

The relevance of data that would be collected depends on the effectiveness of a sample and questionnaire presenting (Technocrat & Fischer, 2011). In doing so, Pennon Media pre-tested its questionnaire by phone with a small sample drawn from 1. 7 million subscribers. In pre-testing the questionnaire, questions that respondents have difficulty understanding or interpret differently than the researcher intended are identified; thus giving the researcher the opportunity to adjust (Crosslink, 1999, peg. 41). In addition, Pennon Media pre-tested its participants by sending mail to 300 subscribers. Another preliminary study that has proven its importance in Pennon’s survey is the work that brought up the managerial question.

In effect, Pennon Media make a critical comparison of year 1992 and 1997 ads, which has shown some interesting facts and changes in the subscribers’ behaviors. For the sample to be representative of the population, the survey must record a high participation of subscribers (Crosslink, 1999, peg. 539); thus the surveyor must not only provide advance notice to subscribers (Bryon, Turn-on & Choc, 2012, g. 38), but also the questionnaire must include an incentive as a motivator.

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Assignment 3.05 writing narrative introductions
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Pennon Media did carefully send an advance notice to its subscribers stating the purpose of the survey as well as a possibility to win a hand-held colored TV as incentive. As strong Pennon Media’s survey could be, it shows some signs of weakness. The survey is conducted internally only. In choosing the sample within its subscribers, Pennon Media restricted the survey internally. This might greatly affect the result, as it could not include some factors that are making other advertisement companies successful.

Pennon Media also failed to truthfully state the purpose of the survey. It is unethical to say that the survey is being conducted for executives while it is conducted to find the reasons of the decrease of the business. Prepare the survey for analysis. Set up the code sheet for this study. How will this study be set up to be tabulated by a statistical analysis program like SPAS? In analyzing the survey, Pennon Media would use a database to record subscribers’ answers. However, the base needs to be appropriately set up. Data collected must be coded and only the code is entered in the database.

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