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Express personal and social emotions

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Managing feelings can be difficult for some students, but with the right support from teaching staff as well as parents then this should have a balanced effect. By a student that can manage their feelings they are able to achieve goals and not feel overwhelmed by anything that is given to them. When a student manages feelings and emotions when they are feeling angry or sad, they are able to think about how they should act and overcome these feelings; whether they need to seek support from staff or people around in order to overcome certain feelings.

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Express personal and social emotions
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When a student is motivated, it enables students to take an active and enthusiastic outlook on learning. It allows the teachers to set goals and challenges. This then has a positive effect on the whole class. Following this, it encourages the student to stay on task and enables the student to set themselves personal goals and then being able to work towards them, concentrate on learning and encouraging others to do the same.

Keeping the student motivated shall benefit any student in the future as when learning gets difficult this develops independence and personal organization.

For a student, to be able to empathic pays a big part in students social and classroom life. As being about to empathic involves understand others and their emotions, to know that everybody has feeling and that they might not express and show their feelings as the same way as yourself, to remember that everybody is different. Social skills enables students interact with each other’s to be able to work and play in big groups as well as working in two’s or smaller groups.

For the students to be able to communicate, negotiate, resolve differences and support the learning for each other. By having social skills, makes the student feel that they belong and are valued in class, school and the community. To then understand and accept their rights and responsibilities in and out of school. The five appropriate methods of helping a pupil recognize and express their emotions is to provide A setting where they feel they have the control to solve their ideas or any concerns that they may have.

To give them enthusiasm and positivist to speak to each other, listen when someone else is talking. Play a game that promotes group cohesion and to provide fun and enjoyment to express their social and emotional behavior. To sit on the floor in a circle and take turns to speak to tackle complex problems and possibly generating solutions to class goals or targets, which they would have to think about and concentrate on to achieve their goals. Pupils can also express their emotions through writing or poetry, drawing or role- playing which all express personal and social emotions.

As a teaching assistant I would like to have a good relationship with the pupils and in order to reinforce this I would give respect in order to get respect, listen to pupils, focus on positive behavior, involve them in class decision making, splay their work, celebrate accomplishments and accept individual differences, be helpful and maintain a warm and caring environment by being consistent, firm and fair, and all working together to provide a stable, positive and good working environment.

Also as a teaching assistant I could recommend them for a good behavior and good work by issuing a certificate or a written appraisal on their work to boost their confidence. Skills by encouraging pupils to practice good hand washing, I would keep a clean classroom and inspect toilets daily and keep all first aid supplies readily available for open or bleeding wounds. As a teaching assistant I would also fully understand the school policies and know what roles are responsibilities are towards it.

I would also know who is qualified to deal with different needs regarding. Medical procedures, and also understand that family, cultural and specific medical conditions can affect personal hygiene. Possible signs of neglect could include: *Large appetite *Low weight *Lack of care (inappropriately dressed, hair not brushed) *Not washing being smelly and dirty *Lack of interest in surroundings.

Possible signs of physical abuse can include: *Cuts and Scratches *Burns and Scalds Bruises (In unlikely places not caused by a fall or finger marks) *Bite marks Possible indicators of emotional abuse can be: *Poor self-esteem *Communication problems *Aggression *Complete or partial lack of interest in activities *Soiling themselves *Swaying side to side or rocking back and forth *Lethargy Possible signs of sexual abuse may include: *Sudden change in behavior *Eating disorders *Running away from home *Bed wetting *Stained underwear *Soreness or rashes on genital areas *Bruising to breasts/chest and inner thighs or buttocks *Anxiety *Feeling worthless *Fear of particular people or a person As a teaching assistant you should always ask the pupil first how they sustained the injury. If as a teaching. Assistant I observed any signs listed then I would record my findings and quickly become aware if a pattern of possible abuse is emerging. A teaching assistant should also be concerned if a child has difficulty. Walking or sitting or may flinch away from sudden moves towards them, as a teaching assistant dealing with a suspicion of abuse of which is very serious, I would follow the schools agreed procedures for alerting a senior member of staff and report exactly what has been heard and seen accurately without interpretation.

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