A mobile enterprise nowadays

The reason why many organizations are becoming mobile enterprise nowadays is mainly because the mobile technologies in the workplace provides advanced services and solutions for wireless operators across the world. From the employees’ perspective, mobile enterprises allow them to accessed and updated databases from anywhere in the world at any time with any mobile devices which linked with a web browser and by anyone with permission to access to such services.

From the employers’ perspective, mobile enterprise increased workers’ productivity, which includes increasing revenue and margin and work output, it also provide a better and more comprehensive customer experience. Although not every organization can gain benefits from mobile enterprises, some of the major mobile enterprises issues can still affect many organizations, for example, security issues.

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Therefore it is important to know what are the advantages and disadvantages for organizations wishing to become mobile enterprises. This essay will outline some of the advantages and disadvantages for mobile enterprises, and explain how this can affect both the perspectives of the employers and employees. For many organizations, mobile enterprises generally accepted to confer benefits in the areas of higher workforce productivity and employee satisfaction.

The main challenges of determining the right enterprise mobility strategy for an organization is the possible mobile IT to the overall purpose of the work showed, to determine how closely the business process should be aligned to the mobile IT, and how that has been supported mobile workers when they are using these devices in their workplace. Many employees nowadays are wishing to become mobile enterprise as it provides many benefits in their working situation. The first advantage for employees is portability and availability. This is when the employees has the ability to use the devices anywhere at any time they want.

For example, they can use the devices outside their workplace and outside their working time. This provides better productivity, which allows employee choose about when to view content, and capability to all employees, leading to engagement and ennoblement. One organization that the employees are becoming mobile enterprise is BlackBerry Limited. Within BlackBerry, employees used to augment existing work processes by enabling more mobile and flexible practices. It also had the opportunities to work away from their working place. (Banally, S. 2014) Another advantage for employees is t access data and information in context. Within mobile enterprise it has the ability to access relevant data and content at the point when they needed. This include focus on the ability to access email while they are away from the office, especially when they are traveling. The reason why this is benefit for employees is because it increase significant in the requirement to access a wide range of public and organizational data, it is much convenient for them to access and sharing information in both personal and professional domain. One example for this is mobile applications.

Within mobile APS it allows employees to sharing information at any time they want, like Gamma, if employees has Gamma in their mobile phone then they can check and reply any important mails at any time, and don’t have to wait for a computer to do this. (Deer, K. , McCormick, J. , 2012) Although not all the employees can get benefits from mobile enterprise, there are some risks for this. One of the big disadvantage for this is the potential security issues. Mobile security is one of the important concern nowadays as it relates to the security of personal and business information now stored on smoothness.

Because nowadays more and more employees are using their own marathoner or tablets as communication tools, this means they have higher chance of getting their mobile devices being attack by mallard. One example of organization with security problem is the “SAC privacy breach”. This is because an SAC manager inadvertently clicks and drags an email from his mobile phone and attaches it to an unrelated email to an SAC claimant, the email include many private information. But they realize after that the email has leaked and it ends up their customers’ information has revealed to everyone.

Some good ways to protect this happen again is require strong authentication, like using password intros. When employees are unlocking their mobile devices, it is always better to have a PIN rather than nothing, so it has less chance of their devices being attack by mallard. (Kirk, S. , 2014) From the employers’ perspective, they are more focusing on how mobile enterprise can gain values and benefits for their company. Mobility is playing an ever-increasing role in the life of contemporary business, it provides the mobile workforce with a new level of communications freedom.

There are many reasons why organizations choose to become mobile enterprise, the main reason is it increases worker productivity, this include increasing revenue, margin and work output. This is the most important benefit that the organization expects to gain from current or future mobile enterprise application deployments. Increasing productivity is when looking at what makes an economy grow in the long run, it is imperative to begin by examining how outputs is created. In order to increase productivity, each worker must be able to produce more work output.

Employers will always happy to see that, as the better the worker productivity, the more benefits that the organization can get. One example of this is Apple Inc. Within Apple, the employees has the ability o create activity involved in producing technical innovations. Imagine the employees in Apple if they are using mobile devices, they can work at any time within any place they want, which provides better efficiency to the company, and it increase the revenue and income as well, which is what the employers are expected. Sparseness, 2014) Another advantage of mobile enterprise that would benefit the employers is it makes better business decisions for the organization. Decision making is always one of the important process in the selection of a belief of a course of action among several alternative possibilities. As a result, it ends up with a final choice that may or may not prompt action. Once an organization has a better decision making, it helps them to find and get access to information more faster, and more relevant and contextual data in real time.

Mobile applications are particularly good at providing context to better experiences and better decision making. This is because the power of new devices they can enable the ability to take action of information in real time and at any time or any place. This not just benefit the employers, it also have a combination efforts within the business and their employees. One example of organization using decision making is Alabama. Com. Firstly, the employees in Alabama meet together and start to get to know each other. Then they start become familiar with each other, and have arguments between each other.

After that they begins to clear up vague ideas by talking about them, and finally they make a decision and provide justification for it. The reason why this is important is because it allows the organization to seek and search what they did well and what they need to improve, which provide a better decision at the end of what they are making. This could very useful for both the organization and the employers. (Obfuscate, M. , 2014) One of the disadvantage that the employers might face at is the mobile enterprise pretty much depends entirely on the Internet as its infrastructure.

If a user cannot connect to the Internet, then the whole system will break down. The system does not work in places where Internet service is not available. Any time when the Internet suffers a disruption, such as data cables being damaged, then the system is disrupted. In the case of 2006 Hunched earthquake, the earthquake catastrophically disrupted the Internet services in Asia and affect any Asian countries. Many countries such as Taiwan, China and Philippines with undersea cable is damaged. This ends up interrupting communications within many Asian countries in the next few days.

Nowadays mobile enterprise is in common use, many organizations have adopted it and integrates the important parts of its business. From the employees’ perspectives, they want mobile enterprise to benefit their working efficiency, which provide them a better working place in anywhere in the world at any time, with their own mobile devices. While from the employers’ perspectives, they will more focus on how bile enterprise could gain different values and benefits strategies within their company.

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