The dark corner and the shadows underneath

For instance, the dark corner and the shadows underneath the table indicate and emphasize the senses of gloomy. They bring the feeling of sadness to the viewer that the woman evokes and create the echo of sadness. Thus, they make the situation more mournful. Hopper also portray the automat as an unnaturally empty area. The window behind the woman reflects no one in such a vast restaurant. It only reflects lights in the ceilings of the automat and is quite impressionistic. Although there are lights in the restaurant, they fail to shine anything in the outside world.

Thus, it makes the atmosphere more gloomy and pessimistic. The complete darkness in the window also allows views to focus n the woman. The facial expression of the woman and the atmosphere of the restaurant emphasize the message of solipsistic isolation. While Hopper is trying to create a sense of darkness and loneliness in the restaurant, the legs of the woman is quite conspicuous and can catch attention of the viewer. Hopper depicts the woman’s legs as a bright focus of the painting. However, in the sass, it was still relatively uncommon to portray women’s legs publicly.

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In bygone days, women were not supposed to expose their bodies, including legs, to the general public but Hopper’s painting is an openness to the rotational notion of women. Barbara Kruger ‘Your Body is a Battleground’ (1989) The painting depicts a symmetrical face of a woman who stares straightly at the viewer, with a slogan ‘Your body is a battleground’. A line cuts through the middle of the painting along the vertical axis and divides her face into two parts: positive and negative. It emphasizes the idea of ‘positive versus negative’, ‘good versus bad’ and ‘white versus black’.

Kruger depicted the symmetrical and perfect face of the beauty so as to criticize the general notion that having a symmetrical face is the standard of beauty in he modern society, which is conveyed in media and advertisement. However, the image showed the positive and negative sides of the woman’s face. Thus, the painting is to fight against the traditional societal standards of beauty. The painting was created for pro-choice Washington Rally in 1989, which fought for the women’s rights of abortion and birth control.

It has aroused attention towards feminism and women should have the rights to control their own physical bodies and also their places in society. Their actions should not be subjected to other people’s views. However, at the same time, men attempted o maintain dominance over women. The societal stereotype suggested that men were more superior to women. This painting is to emphasize the struggle between feminism and stereotype and proposes that women should have their own freedom and choices. Women should not the ‘objects’ of men.

Women have been regarded as the objects of men. However, this powerful painting opposes this stereotype and supports feminism since the beauty depicted was glazing at the viewer firmly. It can emphasize the women’s strong intention to defend women against the patriarchal society and stereotypes. Women had to fight in order to be respected and be regarded as people. The image can help raise social consciousness towards the rights of women. Detoured Meant ‘The Railway’ (National Gallery of Art, Washington D.

C. 1873) The painting depicted a seated woman who is holding a book and a girl standing in front of iron railings and staring at the steam in the air. There are several barely visible workers and a cud of steam which implied a train had just passed the railway. The iron railings divide foreground from background, with the steam blurring the space between the foreground and background. Meant creates the hazy feeling which help conceal the background and reveal the foreground.

The railway creates the repeated pattern of stripes which helps to put the objects in the painting up to the front and ignores the traditional convention of deep space. When we trace back the French history, during 1870-71, the Prussian in the Franco-Prussian War defeated France. Bismarck bombarded Paris and led to a devastating loss is Paris. Around 200,000 French lost their lives in the war. On the other hand, the painting went on show in the Paris Salon of 1874, when the iris Impressionist exhibition was held.

It would possibly lead to an ascendancy of Impressionist art, which promoted freedom, pleasure and leisure. These two events put Meant in a contradictory condition. In the painting, the woman looks up from her book to peer out and it seems that she is in a deep thought. The facial expression of the woman may be used to express the sense of contradiction, uncertainty and confusion. Besides, there is a great contrast within the whole painting. The background of this painting is relatively simple because the background mainly depicts the tripe’s of railway and the hazy steam.

It is against the complex design of the clothes of women. In the painting, the woman is wearing lots of accessories. For instance, she is carrying a book and a dog and wearing a dress with floral crest. The visual complexity is completely different from the simply designed background. Besides, the metallic railings depicted are hard and dark while the steam depicted is hazy and bright. Besides, the girls’ elbow is bright and its border is not specific. It can almost merge into the clouds of steam while one side of the woman’s chin is clearly defined.

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