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Environmental Activities and Operations of HRS Division

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  • Pages 2
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    With due respect, I would like to inform you that I am delighted to submit the thesis on “Health Safety, security and Environmental Activities and Operations of HRS Division: Gramophone Ltd. ” as a part of my thesis. I employed my best effort for preparing this thesis paper. I enjoyed preparing this thesis, which enriched my practical knowledge of the theoretical concept. This thesis gives me an exceptional experience that will be useful in future. I tried to reflect the practical operational aspects of the organization, which is complementary to the theoretical lessons. I sincerely hope this thesis will be up to your expectation.

    Your kind acceptance and any type of appreciation would surely inspire me. I will be always available fur any supplementary interpretation or clarification if required. Should you need any further information to evaluate the thesis, it would be my immense pleasure to furnish you the same. Sincerely yours, Md. Cabala Hosanna HARM Major ACKNOWLEDGEMENT like to express with all humility, my profound gratitude to Mohammed Joanna Abed in, Assistant Professor, Stamford University Bangladesh for his supervision ND constant guidance, valuable suggestions and unstilted support during the preparation of this thesis.

    Without his inspiration and concern, it would not have been possible to prepare this thesis successfully. My special appreciation and thanks to all my classmates and teachers of every courses had during the time I have spent in this university for multidimensional help and a very good study environment. Lastly, I Would like to give a lot of thank to my company supervisor Seed Abdul Mini for her good cooperation and thank all the members of the companies I tidied for being helpful and providing their opinions in the surveys I made to complete my research.

    Finally, thanks and gratitude to almighty GOD to make me complete my study and for this wonderful life. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper makes a detailed analysis of existing health, safety, Security, and environmental (HOSE) policies and practices of Gramophone Ltd. In view of this, it contains a comparative study of the HOSE policies and practices of different leading service and manufacturing companies of Bangladesh. The purpose of

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    Environmental Activities and Operations of HRS Division. (2018, Jun 04). Retrieved from

    Environmental Activities and Operations of HRS Division

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