Nature reclaim their freedom

First, Thomas Hobbes thoughts of the nations were that it resembled the event of the solar system “-a people orbiting their ruler. ” (Assayer 338). In his publication Hobbes explain that humans were driven by two things, the fear of dying because of someone else and the want of power. He believed in social contract, where the people give all the power and control to the ruler in exchange of protection and peace. His publication cause several reactions and many different theories.

After Thomas Hobbes published his thoughts, John Locke published his response to the theories in Hobbes book.

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Nature reclaim their freedom
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Locke disagree with the thought of social contract, he believe in a form of liberalism. He argued that “people are perfectly capable of governing themselves. ” (Assayer 339). Locke believed that people were born with a clean slate and eventually what they learn from the environment filled in the slate. Unlike Hobbes, he argued that humans were naturally free and independent. Locke said that the people agreed to government to protect themselves but only with limited authority.

If the overspent was unable to protect them people would by nature reclaim their freedom. Thomas Hobbes and John Lock argue two different thoughts on how England should be govern. After the Civil War many people believe and argue with the thoughts of these individuals. Absolutism were you surrounded to the ruler or liberalism were the ruler had limited power, these were two of the important point of view during this time.

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