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Assignment: Audience Profile



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    Is primary audience external or internal? External. Jeff Clarke is an employee, which means any communication with him should be considered as within the company.

    What are some key demographics about my audience, such as age, gender, family situation, etc.? For the employee.

    How much does my audience know about the topic? Jeff is fully aware of the situation, topic, and problem that he is generating. As an assistant manager he will have known about the upcoming conference and that many of the guests would be staying at this particular hotel. He is also aware of his family issues.

    How much formality does my audience prefer? . How do I expect my audience to react to this message? He may not be pleased but I don’t expect him to be too mad once I explain my reason for denying his request.

    What are my audience’s values in relation to this message? What do they care about most? Jeff wants time off and I have to deny his request. His sick grandmother.

    What do I want my audience to think, do, feel, or believe after reading my message? I want him to know and understand that I am very understanding of his personal problems but I also want him to understand that he needs to be at work. Are there any benefits for y audience that is related to this message? It will bring in more customers which may cause wages to rise so that Jeff can get paid more money.

    What information do I need to include for the secondary audience? The reason for my decision, and how it can benefit the company as a whole. 10. Which medium is most appropriate for the message and this audience? Why? As human resources is requesting that management begin documenting these types of issues more thoroughly a printed version of this is the appropriate means of communicating this message.

    As the date of the conference and day of the week are not given, it s assumed that this is a last minute notice; therefore, a printed version of this is more appropriate for the primary audience due to being able to make sure that the audience sees the message, and has an opportunity to address any other concerns. Attempting to address this issue via email could result in the primary audience not receiving the message in a timely manner, and assuming that because his last 3 emergency leaves were approved that this one will be approved as well, causing him to miss work regardless of the actual response.

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