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Assignment Barkey Essay

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Here at Luscious Lemonade our mission is to make our customers happy and satisfy their taste for lemonade. Our community and customers always come first. Why is a mission statement important for any company? A mission statement is important for any company because it captures and defines the essence of your business’s goals and the underlying of them. You are involved in your community; please outline your CARS plan for the business. Luscious Lemonade is very honored and proud to be involved in our community.

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Assignment Barkey
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We want to make it our personal goal to assist with making this wonderful immunity a clean and better place to live. Luscious Lemonade has decided to as part of our plan to go green. We will use as little paper in our business as possible. Our hiring process will consist of online applications. We will make sure there is a computer available to use at our stand for those that do not have access at home.

We will be recycling any and all products we use within our company, that are able to be recycled. The bottles and cups we use to put our freshly squeezed lemonade into to sell, will be 100% recycled material.

As e stated before; Luscious Lemonade wants to be involved and give to our community. We have decided to give back to our community by donating a percentage of our earnings into getting more location for recycling bins in our community. It has also been made possible for us to have some of these recycled materials made into playground and other equipment for our schools. These items will be donated to the school. Our business is always opened to any suggestions to help with and expand our CARS plan. Pricing strategies and how we will deliver on this strategy.

We at Luscious Lemonade have decided to use optimal pricing. Doing research on this pricing strategy, our business thinks it will be beneficial to us and our customers. We do not want our customers to feel that they are being over charged, or that they are not getting quality lemonade for their buck. The program that will be used to compare prices, demands, cost, profit, revenue, and even our competitors will allow us to give the best prices. We have also decided to do a price match. This will assist us to stay up to date with our competitors’ prices and offer the best deals.

Evaluate whether or not the company should go global by creating an online presence and selling your lemonade online. Luscious Lemonade has had a meeting and discussed the options of going global, by creating an online presence and selling our lemonade online. This decision was unanimous, and we have decided to hold off on selling our products online. We feel that at this time it is more important to get our business up and running successfully for our community. The support we receive from our customers and community is very important to us.

Luscious Lemonade feels that we need to concentrate on making good on our promises we have made not only to our customers, but to the community also. Once this goals and commitments have been reached and we feel that our business is ready, we will discuss going global. I do see our company selling our lemonade online in the near future.

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