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Assignment Comparative a hellip

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My initial impression of the site is that it was clean and well put together. It wasn’t too much going on and I was simple to read the heading and understand what the website was about. My initial response of the second website is that it was a bit too flashy too much going on. How much time did it take to realize the purpose of the site?

It took no time at all to realize the purpose or the site.

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Assignment Comparative a hellip
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It took only a few seconds to realize the purpose for the site. What is the target audience for the site? Anybody that wants to learn how to build something. Anybody that wants to learn how to build something and buy the supplies at the same place. Did the site look the same in multiple browsers, if multiple browsers were available? Yes the site look the same on Google Chrome as it did on IEEE 9. Yes the site looked the same on both browsers.

Was there contact information immediately available?

Yes at the bottom of the page there was a telephone number and e-mail dress listed. No there was a link to contact information which then supplied a telephone number and e-mail address. Were there indications that you could trust the site? What were the indications? I would say yes there was a sidebar with an option to like on Faceable as well as Pinsetters and Google+. There are really no indications that the site is trustworthy. There are no certifications or any other sources that might indicate the site could be trusted. Was the text easy to read and easily scanned so that you did not have to read every word?

Yes, the ext was easy to read and was well spaced black lettering with white background. The homepage gave the title of the page and some basic information about the website that a user could read quickly. The background was dark and the lettering was dark so it was difficult to read. Also there were videos and other flash ads on the side of the page that made it distracting. What are your thoughts about the layout and colors of the site? What impression do they give? The layout of the site was simple and I liked the color scheme. The background of the site was a lighter tone than text was so it made all the text easy to read.

I did not care for the color scheme of the website in my opinion it was too dark in the text was also dark which made it difficult to read. Finding Your Way Around How was the navigation organized? In my opinion the links to navigate this site were titled well and that made navigation simple. The styles of menus on this site were the drop-down type which made it difficult to see all of the menu options. Also the menus for the content of the site also difficult to understand. When using the navigation, was it intuitive or did you need to use some trial-and-error to figure out what was Enid each link?

The navigation for the site was simple because each title for each menu was well thought out. Found myself using the back button along the site because the titles for each menu were not necessarily relevant to the content. Was there a clear way back to the home page from every page of the site? Yes at the top you can click the title and it will bring you directly back to the homepage. On this site once a user navigates away from the home page the top title was gone and it was no direct link back to home. Did you find the navigation to be consistent throughout the site?

Yes the same type of menus throughout the site. Yes unfortunately there was the same type of menus throughout the site. Were there any pages on the site that forced you to use the back button because you could not figure out another way to move forward? There was never a time when needed to use the back button on this site. Although there were some pages that did not have links to other pages so were dead ends. Was forced to use the back button on this site frequently because it was difficult to navigate and understand the menus. The Content How easy was it to find the important information?

Was it prominently displayed or buried in detailed paragraphs? All important information on the site was clearly written and posted in the center of the page. With a menu directly to the left with links to other content relative to what the user is reading. The site seemed to have just multiple links to other links with no real content or depth to any information displayed. On pages with lots of content, were there features to help you find what you were looking for, such as links across the top of the page that took you to other parts of the page?

Yes there were cross links on the left f the page as well as the main menu bar across the top which never left. Yes it seemed like always site it was just links to websites with a little bit of information and links to more sites with just a little bit of information. It was like a never ending cycle of links. If there were articles on the site, could you tell when they were written? Yes there were a few scanned documents on this site. Did not find any articles scanned and posted on the site. Did images on the pages contribute to the user experience? Yes the way the images were presented on the site was appealing.

It also gave the user the option to enlarge every image simply by clicking on the image. Well was scared to click on any images because I did one and listening to another website so I did not click on any other images after that. So the images on this site contributed negatively to my experience. Was the text well written and free of mistakes? Did you find any spelling errors? Were there broken links? Yes the grammar was precise and punctuation was on point. I did not read every line of text but when I did scan and did not see any spelling errors or broken links. D not find any misspelled words but the text was confusing to read. Your Thoughts What impressed you the most about this site? And what impressed me most about this site was the overall layout. The top consisted of the title explaining what the website represented and contained. I also liked the menu bar and how it stayed in the same position no matter where I went on the site. There was not anything impressed me about the site. What features on this site would you want to make sure to incorporate into your own site? One feature I would like to incorporate into my own site is the menu AR.

I think with a similar style menu bar will make my site simple to navigate. I would not want to incorporate anything from this site. What would you change if you were the owner of the site? If I owned this website I would probably add more pictures and more content. May also add another line to the menu bar to give the user more options directly in their line of sight. I would change everything about this website. The first thing I would do would be like in the background and architects to make it easier to read. I would also rewrite the content of the site in clear and concise arcographs.

I would also get rid of links to websites that just offered links to other websites. Any links that were on the site WOUld be directly to sites with content. What features on this site would you make sure to avoid when creating your own site? I liked all the features on the site so I would say I would not avoid any of them when creating my own site. I would avoid the links and the hidden links on the pictures. I would also avoid using your credit card on this website because it is not verified by any certifiable companies that I can see.

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