Assignment D: The Need for Structure - Life Essay Example

Assignment D: The Need for Structure

The differences I would expect to see with someone who is low in need for structure and someone who is high in need for structure is that people with a high structure are convinced that they can control their own fate.  While people with low structure are convinced that chance, luck and the behavior of others determines their destiny and that they are helpless to change the course of their lives.


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The differences one would see would be that a high structured person would believe that through hard work, skill, and training they can find rewards instead of punishment.  While the low structured person might turn to drug use, inactivity, suffer from depression and even have high school truancy.  They feel they have no control.
Assignment E: Life is But a Stage

One situation that I can think of being in on a regular basis is greeting people.  I felt I needed to be more aggressive when meeting new people to help in getting a job.  Sometimes what we do is who we are.  You can become more assertive by greeting people cheerfully, making eye contact, and talking about your feelings.   When someone’s behavior violated this script, it usually isn’t taken well by others.  Because the alternative to someone who is assertive would be someone who is submissive or unassertive or even aggressive, potential employers frown upon that type of behaviors.  Usually it is the social environment or cultural beliefs that would be more scripted than others.


Kenrick, D. T., Neuberg, S. L., & Cialdini, R. B. (2007).  Social psychology: Goals in     interaction.  Boston: Pearson.

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