Assignment Iscarelys Espinal Essay

The Boston Strangler Case By: Philip Pullman Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). A powerful molecule that contains the hereditary material in humans and organisms, a molecule so indestructible, that helped solve a cold case from 50 years ago. The Boston Police department solved a rape and murder case taken place in 1964. Can you imagine how strong this molecule is? How much money it should cost for these procedures? The victim was Mary Sullivan, just 19 years old.

She had moved from Cape Cod to Boston in January 1964.

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Assignment Iscarelys Espinal
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So after Ms. Sullivan death, she becomes the 1 lath victim of Albert Desalts, also known as the Boston Strangler, and the case goes cold for years. The crazy thing is that the DNA sample taken was from Dissolves nephew! Yes, you read that right! The beauty of DNA which I have to say, can cost a lot of money and requires expertise. I mean, some cases need exhumations, like in this case, so those type of testing have to be pricey!

The National Institute of Justice has a funding program which helps in the examination of “cold cases” all around the states, this program is called: Solving Cold Cases with DNA Program.

This program helps the Police Department in solving crimes through DNA amplest, to identify suspects and solve cases. Thankfully, for this program, the Boston Police Department has been able to solve cold-cases from 50 years ago.

It can be DNA from the actual crime offender, even from a cousin or nephew like in the case of Mary Sullivan. That wonderful molecule that makes us all unique, (except in the case of identical twins), can be vital evidence and used as a breakthrough to solve criminal cases. I will always believe in DNA and I think it speaks for itself!

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