Assignment on Coca-Cola Essay

First of all, First of all, we would like to thank the Almighty Allah, who has enabled us to finish our report successfully. Then we would like to thank our lecturer Mr.. Ashram Harsh; we are grateful to him for his cooperation in preparing this report. His proper guidance & helpful attitude help us to make this report. We like to thank Mr.. Organ duding Aimed (senior officer) of Abdul Omen Company limited from whom we collected all the information. We offer special thanks to Mr.


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Assignment on Coca-Cola
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Shampoo Kumar Barry (Insurance officer) of Abdul Money Ltd who ally helped us by giving some information, which is required for our project. Last but not the least, we are proud and feeling lucky enough to have such nice members in our group. We have a strong bonding of understanding which has made our effort successful and remarkable. Executive Summary We have done a study on Coca-Cola Company with the aim to learn about the different marketing prospects in Bangladesh and our selected product is Coca- Cola.

In this report first of all we have done the objectives (Corporate and Marketing) of Coca-Cola Company. Then we discussed about their challenges and briefly discussion of company profile. Then we try to find out their target customers that means customer analysis. We try to find out the main competitor and analysis its position in market. Then have done Macro environment and SOOT analysis. A short discussion of marketing strategy and segmentation is also discussed here.

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