Assignment on Diamond and Heart Sutra Essay

Summary of Heart Sutra

Heart sutra also known as the heart of perfect wisdom sutra or essence of wisdom sutra is a well known Mahayana Buddhist sutra which is very popular among Mahayana Buddhist simply because of its brevity and depth of meaning - Assignment on Diamond and Heart Sutra Essay introduction. It is a member of Prajñāpāramitā family (perfection of wisdom) writings much of which were produced and recited throughout Asia. This text has been considered to be the heart of the doctrine and it usually restates the essentials of Buddhist doctrine from “emptiness” point of view.

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 This sutra along with diamond sutra is considered to be the major representative of the sutras. Heart sutra is made up of 14 ‘shlokas’ in Sanskrit and has been considered to be the most abbreviated version of the perfection of wisdom texts. It classification was made by Edward Conze. No specific date has been attributed to its origin but it has been estimated to originate around 200-250 CE. It study is mostly emphasized among East Asian Buddhist. In recent times, most ceremonies in places like Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam entails the use the translated version of heart sutra while it’s being studied extensively, among Buddhist schools in Japan.

Summary of Diamond Sutra

Diamond sutra also known as Sanskrit Vajracchedikā-sūtra, is a brief and a widely known Mahayana Buddhist text widely used in Asia. It originated around 400 CE and it usually take form of a dialogue. It expresses the Prajñāpāramitā emphasis on the illusory nature of phenomena in some words and has a result of this, it was considered to be Sanskrit work closes in spirit to the philosophy of Zen. It also teaches the practice of the avoidance of abiding in extremes of mental attachment.

This sutra usually begins with “Thus have I heard” and often uses paradoxical phrases in it nature of perception. Some notion in regards to the extinction of the sutra in 500 years time after this period was conceived and express by Subhuti but was later disregarded by Buddha that after Subhuti is gone, some set of individuals will grasp the meaning of this sutra and later practice it.

TABLE comparing `Diamond Sutra` and `Heart Sutra

Comparing Buddhism with a Christian teaching

Buddhism can be compared to Christianity and its teaching in various ways. Heart and diamond sutra which are one of the fundamental teachings of Buddhism are related to Christian teachings in some ways. The major relationship between the Christianity and Buddhism is in term of salvation.

Salvation in Christendom was describe according to the New Testament, as a gift from God which can be given to anyone who exercise faith in Christ and repent from his or her sins (Acts 20:21) while salvation according to the Buddhism can be considered as an end to suffering, rebirth, and ignorance.

Buddhist usually describe the concept of salvation as liberty simply because they don’t have any concept of original sin or personal corruption compare to way in which Christianity view the concept. Heart sutra teachings on the six organs, six senses and six consciousnesses (eighteen realm or mundane) teaches that there can’t be no salvation at any point in time. These teachings on salvation by Buddhist has been describes by Mahayana Buddhist in some aspect of heart sutra.

Heart sutra according to Hirayama (2008), believed heart sutra took the main role during the movement of salvation and that salvation itself is the most important mission in Buddhism in the sense that it help save those people in suffering. Buddhist also believe that “an individual is an imaginary person with a deep enlightenment and enthusiasm for salvation”( Hirayama, 2008).

The concept of religion belief

Religion belief from my own point of views means a strong belief in supernatural powers which usually control our life. That is, it has a major influence upon our destiny. I can also consider it to be a person’s mental state in which his or her faith is placed in a creed that is related to supernatural or divine powers.

Each individual usually have one major religious belief, be it in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and others. This belief usually influences the attitudes and perception of people towards everything in life. In the case of Christianity, there are certain laws governing human attitudes, while in other religion too there are certain laws in regards to morals, ethics marriage, and finances.

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