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    The bright vibrant colors correspond excellently with the graphic designs needed when marketing new products. Windows 8 allows for easy use for all the employees. The Inspires One also provides plenty of storage for the several different designs and prototypes that will be saved to the hard drive. The second computer, the HP Pavilion up-2220 Desktop PC has a few similar attributes but runs on Windows 7 Home 64. Employees are more familiar with this operating system and it will provide a smoother transition in our technology upgrade. The optical drive provides a suppertime DVD burner.

    This is incredibly beneficial to Edge Electric because we specialize in providing companies with videos to promote products. The third computer, the Toshiba All-in-One Posit AY Desktop, truly sets itself apart from the others. The mobile Intel graphics is perfectly geared toward the graphic design aspect of marketing. It will provide employees with the opportunity to create innovative and original graphic designs. Another interesting feature is the touch screen. The touch screen allows for easy use and is excellent when teams are working on project and are changing and editing ideas.

    [email protected] (802. 11 a/g/n) Wireless keyboard & mouse HID-in port 4 USB 3. 0 ports $929. 99 The first laptop Edge Electric is looking at is the Dell Inspires 15 Non Touch. What makes this computer different is that it runs on a dual core processor. This is helpful with speed and accuracy for the meticulous work done on marketing jobs. It is also very simple and durable which is great for the traveling employees. The second laptop, the HP ENVY DTV-7300 Quad Edition has a 15. 6-inch diagonal high definition Brightener LED-backbit Display.

    The HAD quality provides Lear and detailed videos and pictures necessary for the extreme videos done by some extreme athletes. What also goes along well with that is the KGB memory needed to store all the material. The large memory is great for the traveling employees as well; they don’t have to worry about running out of space at projects and on the job. The third laptop is the Toshiba Satellite CHIC-ASSES Laptop; a feature that sets this laptop apart is the integrated WebMD. It allows traveling employees to keep in contact with the office.

    It also allows employees to have face to face contact tit the companies and athletes they are working with. The Intel HAD graphics are also extremely high quality and perfect for graphic design. In Conclusion I think Edge Electric will be best with the institution of the Toshiba Company. The Desktop and Laptop prove to have the highest quality and the most relevant features to the work done by Edge Electric Marketing. Edge Electric will be more accurate, innovative, details, creative and efficient with the access to these brilliant devices. Edge Electric will continue to expand and grow with Toshiba at our fingertips.

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