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Assignment sandwich blitz Essay

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How would creating a new position between the CEO and the location manager help the business to grow? i. Creating a new position between the CEO (Dolman Smith) and the location managers would help Sandwich Blitz, Inc. Grow by freeing up the Coo’s time to focus on the expansion. Currently, Dolman is visiting locations and addressing issues that each shop’s manager has accumulated. If there was an area or regional manager assigned to these existing shops, this manager would be able to address these issues and visit each of the locations s needed.

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Assignment sandwich blitz
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The regional manager could ultimately take over the training for new locations, as well. The CEO and SCOFF will be able to look for additional expansion opportunities and look into other strategic decisions such as whether patents or franchising makes sense. This would allow for additional growth of the company. 2. Is promoting an existing manager the best option to fill this position? If not, what is an alternative source to fill the position? i.

Though promoting an existing manager would be beneficial due to the manager’s familiarity with the company, here are several risks that need to be considered. The habits and preferences, whether good or bad, that the particular shop had may be projected onto all of the other shops. You might have the area manager imposing as a rule what should be merely a preference for a particular sandwich shop. Also, the other managers could become jealous and be less inclined to request help or listen to instruction from someone that was recently considered a peer.

An alternative is hiring an individual with regional management experience from the outside and avian that individual work with each of the shops for at least a week to become familiar with them. I believe this is the best option. Perhaps Lei Lee, SCOFF, would have some connections from her days in the insurance industry to contact for potential regional managers. Sometimes hiring someone that you know well and have worked with before turns out to be a good fit. 3. Who within the company should make these decisions? i. The hiring of the regional manager should be done by both the SCOFF and the

CEO, since both of them are owners and the regional manager will be answering to them. It is important that the philosophy and culture of the company be maintained by the new regional manager, so the owners definitely need to be selective and pour some time and energy into getting the best fit for this position. It would be acceptable to get input from location managers on their take of a potential regional manager, as it is important to keep them happy. The decision for regional manager, though, should remain with the CEO and SCOFF.

The regional manager will be responsible for addressing issues at the various locations and making decisions that agree with the CEO and Coffs philosophy. 4. List the levels of authority (management) that Sandwich Blitz, Inc. Would have if the new position is created. i. The CEO and SCOFF are assisted by an accountant and regional manager. The location managers answer to and take issues to the regional manager.

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