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What are the differences? The telephone network was originally designed for voice communication; the Internet was originally designed for data communication. The two networks are similar in the fact that both are made of interconnections of small network. The telephone network is mostly a circuit switched network; the Internet is mostly packet-switched network. – For each of the following four networks, discuss the consequences if a connection fails. A. Five devices arranged in a mesh topology If one connection fails, the other connections will still be working b.

Five devices arranged in a star topology (not counting the hub) The devices will still be able to send data through the hub; there will be no access to the device which has the failed connection to the hub. C. Five devices arranged in a bus topology All transmission stops if the failure is in the bus. If the drop line fails, only the corresponding devise cannot operate d.

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Five devices arranged in a ring topology The failed connection may disable the whole network unless it is a dual ring or here is a by-pass mechanism 3- What is the difference between musicians, multicast, and broadcast addresses? A musicians address identifies one of the addresses in a group, a multicast address identifies a group of stations.

A broadcast address identifies all stations on the network. 4- In Multiplexing: a. What is the difference between a link and a channel? A link refers to the physical path. The word channel refers to the portion of the link that carries a transmission between a given pair of lines.

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