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Assignment Task A

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Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse can be different types of abuse whether it’s sexual activities and the individual cannot consent to it and have been forced into it or whether it’s in a relationship. Sexual assault, rape and harassment are also types of sexual abuse. Risk of exploitation. Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse: Unexplained injuries to genitals. Inappropriate touching or use of sexualities language or behavior. Withdrawal and isolate themselves away from others. Sexual transmitted disease or pregnancy especially when the individual hasn’t or cannot give consent to sexual acts.

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Assignment Task A
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Emotional/Psychological abuse: Emotional/Psychological abuse is when someone is causing emotional and mental distress to an individual. Signs and symptoms of emotional/psychological abuse: withdrawal and isolating themselves from social activities. Obsessive compulsive behavior. Intimidation. Verbal abuse or depriving them of contact with other people. Loss of skills or abilities. Fearfulness and loss of self-esteem. Anxiety. Financial abuse: Financial abuse is something that can affect the welfare and wellbeing of an individual.

Signs and symptoms of financial abuse: Exploitation or pressuring someone to eke a will including property and possessions. Unexplained ability to pay bills. Unexplained withdrawal of money. Disparity between assets and satisfactory living conditions. Missing personal possessions. Institutional abuse: Institutional abuse is created or sanctioned by the systems, policies and procedures of an organization. Signs and symptoms of institutional abuse: Regular admissions to hospital. No care or support plan. Could also include any work action or regime which destroys the dignity and respect to which every person is entitled to.

Individuals possessions being shared in a residential setting. Self-neglect: Self- neglect is when an individual isn’t looking after themselves which could lead to self harm and neglect. Signs and symptoms of self-neglect: Dirty or unkempt appearance. Unhygienic. Not eating or drinking which leads to malnutrition. Misuse of medication. Unexplained cuts and marks on skin. Neglecting your house e. G. No heating or lighting. Neglect by others: Neglect by others is when someone is in a position of trust that doesn’t provide the care as stated in the care plan. Signs and symptoms of neglect by others: Dirty or unkempt appearance.

Not assisting with personal hygiene. Malnutrition not providing food fluids and warmth. Deteriorating health. Unexplained weight loss. Not giving individual prescribed medication. Not respecting the individuals privacy and dignity Explain the correct actions to take if you suspect an individual is being abused. If you suspect an individual is being abused you would follow organizational procedures. You WOUld make a note of the disclosure and date and sign it but when noting you have to make sure you document what the individual has said, using their own words and phrases.

You would document the setting and anyone else who was there at the time and report it to your manager. You don’t break confidentiality by talking to people about the abuse. Explain the correct actions to take if an individual tells you they are being abused. If an individual tells you that they are being abused you would reassure them that they are going to be safe and that it is not their fault this has happened and that you are taking the information seriously and that you are going to tell the appropriate person and why. You would stay calm and try not to show shock or disbelief. You would listen carefully to what they are saying.

You WOUld tell them that the service will take steps to protect and support them. You would preserve evidence. Identify how to ensure that any evidence of abuse is kept safe. All evidence of abuse should never be moved and should be left in the same place and position as before. If the individual agrees and the evidence is crucial photographs may be taken. Try and get the individual away from the scene of abuse and tell them not to touch or move anything relevant. Identify the national policies that set out special requirements for safeguarding individuals Safeguarding Vulnerable Group Act 006.

Independent Safeguarding Authority (SIS) criminal Records Bureau. Human Rights Act 1998. Identify the local and organizational systems for safeguarding. Safeguarding Adults Board. Safeguarding policies and procedures for vulnerable adults. Employer/organizational policies and procedures. Explain the roles of different agencies and professionals that are involved in safeguarding adults. Police- their role is to safeguard vulnerable adults. They would investigate all crimes and reports of abuse and then will take action to prosecute if they have he evidence that is needed.

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