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The client-server configuration that I would recommend would be a server- based network. The reason I would recommend this configuration is because a server-based network enables the business to have a data center without an IT staff. The services that this server would supply would be; file management, application management, mobility, collaboration, security, and performance. Fat client – A fat client (also called heavy, rich, or thick client) is a computer (client) in client-server architecture or networks that typically provides rich functionality independent of the central server.

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Originally known as just a “client” or “thick client” the name is contrasted to thin client, which describes a computer heavily dependent on a server’s applications. Thin client- A thin client (sometimes also called a lean or slim client) is a computer or a computer program which depends heavily on some other computer (its server) to fulfill its computational roles. This is different from the traditional fat client, which is a computer designed to take on these roles by itself.

The specific oleos assumed by the server may vary, from providing data persistence (for example, for diskless nodes) to actual information processing on the client’s behalf. Hybrid client- A hybrid client is a mixture of the above two client models. Similar to a fat client, it processes locally, but relies on the server for storing persistent data. This approach offers features from both the fat client (multimedia support, high performance) and the thin client (high manageability, flexibility). A device running the video game Dibble Ill is an example of hybrid client.

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