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    Hashed File Organization: A storage system in which the address for each record is determined using a hashing algorithm. Denationalization: The process of transforming normalized relations into non-normalized physical record specifications. F) Composite Key: Consists of more than one attribute to uniquely identify an entity occurrence. G) Secondary Key: One field or a combination of fields for which more than one record may have the same combination of values; also called a unique key. H) Data Type: A detailed coding scheme recognized by system software, such as DIBS, for representing organizational data. i) Join

    Index: An index on columns from two or more tables than come from the same domain of values. 2. Match the following terms with the appropriate definitions: Extent: D. A contagious section of disk space Hashing Algorithm: F. Converts key value into an address Index: B. A data structure used to determine in a file the location of a record/ records Physical Record: G. Adjacent fields. Pointer: E. A field not containing business data. Data Type: A. A detailed coding scheme for representing organizational data.

    Physical File: C. A named area of Secondary memory 3. Contrast the Following Terms a) Horizontal Partitioning; Vertical Partitioning Both methods of partitioning involve the creation of additional tables. However, Horizontal Partitioning involves the partitioning of tables to reduce the number of rows, where as vertical partitioning results in more tables with fewer columns. B) Physical File; Tablemates A tablemates specifies the storage location of a physical file in a database. C) Normalization; Denationalization

    Normalization results in a database that with pieces of information that are broken into individual, separate tables. A normalized database is created specifically to remove redundant data. However, demoralized databases maintain or add redundant data to speed up read time. D) Range control; Null control Range control limits the the allowable values in a field (e. G. Number values, number of characters, etc). In contrast, Null control prevents leaving a field empty.

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