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Assignment writing service in sri lanka Essay

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The purpose of documentation techniques is to help the communication between system professionals and users. Documentation is defined as , “the procedures that users must perform to operate computer applications, the processing steps that computer systems follow, and the logical and physical flows of accounting data through the system. “(Kendall) The system analyst should select a tool which is easy to use and understand. Using a procedure manual is usually the best choice.

It has English language components and contains program codes and flowcharts.

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A good design for a documentation tool has to fit the proper criteria. It has to be compatible with existing documentation. It also has to be understood by others in the organization. The documentation should allow you to return to the system after you have been away from it for a period of time. It should also be suitable for the size of the system you are working on. There are also certain guidelines that help minimize problems.

You should identify the strengths and weaknesses. You should also evaluate each technique one by one based on your situation. You should check to see if the tool can overcome your problems. In conclusion, the key element in control is the reporting of important company information. Documentation procedures strengthen the control by specifying what information such reports what and who is responsible. Documentation is very important Part 2. “No matter how well planned your project schedule may be, there is always the possibility for delay.

Delays can occur for any number of reasons, some good, some bad, and some might even be for the best. (Project) You should always start projects with realistic deadlines. To minimize schedule problems, the system analyst should plan for some slacking time when they set up the time table. For example, one and a half weeks instead of one week. It should not be too loose either. Adding some extra time takes away the stress and buys extra time in case of unexpected emergencies. The system analysis should convince the team members on the importance of testing.

Testing is important because it requires more time, effort, and money to correct problems that happen in later stages of the development cycle. If you don’t test the system carefully the system may not be reliable. Undependable systems may result in a low level of confidence on the people as well. From the information that was given, you can identify a problem. They are neglecting the system testing procedures. You do a structured Walworth first and then a program test. The system test is last. If you skip the test of the accounting system, they might face serious problems when they test the entire system.

This would make much bigger problems which are harder to correct. Part 3. Wynn and Kalmia have jobs with different job responsibilities. User’s jobs, personalities, backgrounds, and experience influence the kind of training that is needed. The problem in this case is that users are not learning what they have to know for the jobs. This is resulting in dissatisfaction with the training. This can be seen from the complaints of frustration from some of the users and with the boredom. To address this problem the users must be separated into at least two groups.

This would be the managerial users and the operations uses. If scheduling the basic advice that trainers ignored setting up the sessions is the failure to establish training objectives for each group. “Learning objectives specify the new knowledge, skills and abilities that a learner should accomplish from undertaking a learning experience, such as a course, webbing, and self-study or group activity. Achievement of all of the learning objectives should result in accomplishing all of the overall training goals of the training and development experience.

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