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Now a day’s attendance is becoming the major problem for colleges. Attendance to college classes should be mandatory. Absenteeism is the problem for many institutes of higher learning and the major concern for educators. Due to the difficulty of regulating the attendance policy, most colleges and universities give professors the authority o set their own attendance rules.

Attendance is very important to get hold on your G. P. A. By attending classes professors can teach and make their students understand in better way.

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Regular attendance is needed to do well in course and it is also true that attendance and course performance are correlated Attendance should be mandatory to develop strong sense of community in the classroom. Attendance is important to foster a healthy sense of class participation.

There would be more discussion ND activities in the classroom if all students are present. This will brush up their hidden skills and this experience would be very beneficial to them. Student has to take the mutual responsibility to attend the class compulsorily.

In real world if they don’t show up for work most of the time they are fired. If students get into this habit of not showing up in classes they will be in great loss either now or in future.

So attendance should be mandatory as the most important lessons re self-discipline, punctual which are taught in college, and by coming to class students are encouraged to do better and better and given strong incentives to become excellent and disciplined. Attendance should be compulsory because students can do much better in class if they show up. Students can increase their communication skills by interacting with each other and knowing other students view on certain things.

Different kind of exercises and activities are the major part of learning experience like public speaking, being creative and confident. This all things help the students to grow in better way and learn new things every day. Coming regular to class will develop a stress free environment as students would know what is happening in the class, they will not have to ask anybody for notes and they can concentrate in their studies. So for every institute it is necessary to make attendance mandatory as that would be making students responsible for their studies and it will give them a good posture in future.

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