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Most in favor will argue, when considering the most heinous and wicked of crimes, criminals committing these crimes should be put to death. Those opposed will always take the stance that capital punishment is unacceptable in a civilized society in that it is a cruel form of punishment. My stance is one of support for capital punishment in the capacity that it is a necessity in respect to the basic premise of the severity of punishment being weighed against the resistances of the crime.

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The eighth amendment of the Constitution clearly states that individuals will not have cruel or unusual punishment inflicted on them (U. S. Constitution). However, today many of those opposed consider capital punishment to be the cruelest form of punishment. Unfortunately, for it to be unconstitutional it would need to be cruel and also unusual. The founders, undoubtedly, did not consider capital punishment unusual as it was commonplace in the day for crimes of treason and murder.

When given as a sentence in regard to vicious creme, capital punishment is a guarantee that the rimming will not escape and again commit these acts.

That was then and this is now; the times have changed and so have people’s views, are likely the next points those opposed will make. Have they really changed though? According to an October, 2009 Gallup Crime Survey, “65% of Americans continue to support the use of the death penalty for persons convicted of murder, while 31% oppose it” (Newport, 2009).

The simple fact that America is a democratic republic makes any topic, in which a two-thirds majority favor said topic, substantial. As mentioned above, the fact that capital punishment can guarantee a criminal will to commit vicious crime in the future, leads Americans continually to remain in favor of it. The opposition makes the argument that innocent persons are executed who could later be proven innocent, as a result of later presented evidence, and that certain minority groups receive bias in the court’s decisions.

However, in the same Gallup survey 57% of Americans believe it is applied fairly (Newton, 2009). Also according to the U . S. Department of Justice, 20 of the 37 men executed in 2007 were white and of the inmates on death row at the end of 2007: 1,804 were white, 1,345 were African-American, 326 Hispanic, 6 American Indian, 35 Asian, and 10 were of an unknown race (Department of Justice website). This clearly shows that in the opposition viewpoint concerning minorities on death row, there is some disconnect between a perception and reality.

Americans, including myself, have long taken a stance in favor of capital punishment as an accepted means to punish our most violent criminals. The system has long been designed with checks-and balances in mind; in that, at a minimum a person is indicted by a grand jury long before he or she receives a capital punishment sentence. While the system is not always perfect and there s potential for an innocent person to be executed, a majority in America accepts this fact and remains in favor.

A majority rule means something in America and so does the use of the death penalty as a means of punishment in the nation’s high crimes.

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