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The fifth chapter discusses radiation and provides overview of main types of telescopes used in modern astronomy. In astronomy telescopes are used for gathering light, seeing the tiny details and magnifying the necessary image. Refracting and radio telescopes are two common types used in astronomy. Refracting telescopes were used earlier and nowadays astronomers tend to use radio telescopes because they are able to detect cool hydrogen in the space. Radio telescopes allow seeing through the dusk and to analyze invisible processes. Refracting telescopes are equipped with a lens that bends the light focusing it on the necessary image. Actually, reflecting telescopes are equipped with mirror that focuses the light. Refracting telescopes are less expensive than radio telescopes.

Further, it is necessary to admit that the author provides definition of what light and electromagnetic spectrum are. Light is defined as visible form of electromagnetic radiation. It is magnetic and electric disturbance which is known to transport energy at the light speed. X rays, gamma rays, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, radio waves and infrared radiation are included in electromagnetic spectrum. A photon is a particle of the light. Photon is defined as a bundle of waves that may act as a particle and as a wave. It is known that the length of the wave may range from 400nm to 700nm and depending on the wavelengths photons are classified as infrared, ultraviolet and so on . Infrared and radio photons have longer wavelength, whereas ultraviolet and x rays have shorter wavelengths and carry, therefore, more energy.

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