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Atlanta Home Loan Company Analysis

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  • Pages 3
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    Atlanta Home Loan

    Al Fiorini had a company called Atlanta Home Loan which offered loans in the Atlanta area. Al decided to return to school and was difficulty with people he hired to replace him in his absence. His first choice for replacement was a loan officer named Joe with 20 years of experience in the field. After he promoted Joe he was absent several days and missed important meetings with Al. After this Joe convinced Al to give him a second chance and this was met with absenteeism as well as Joe took many of the company’s loan files home and never returned them. Al’s second choice was Wilbur Washington who had been introduced to him by Joe earlier in the year. Joe was not informed of this decision and demanded his 8400 back which was invested earlier – Al refused until he was returned the loan files. Wilbur also hired more processing staff which upset the ratio that Al had left which was working well, as well as they could not properly pay them. When confronted about this Wilbur told Al he would do as he saw fit. Al had also left 4 blank checks for them to use with his office manager, these were used to take profits made out of the bank which Wilbur claimed to be for paying employees, since they have a payroll system this was most likely false. Al then ordered stop payments on the checks which Wilbur was able to overturn.

    Al then hired someone to go in and fire everyone but this was unsuccessful. Wilbur then opened another account with another bank and tried to have it frozen which was also unsuccessful. He then informed the FBI and Atlanta Police who did nothing, and Wilbur had warrants put out for his arrest claiming Al was the one taking out the proceeds from the closing attorneys, Al had to go to court to defend himself and it cost him 7500 in legal fees and travel. Al withdrew AHL’s mortgage and banking licence and was later forced to sell his home to pay back creditors. These problems that occurred could have been avoided in several ways. First Al should have not gone away to business school until he was secure with who was running the company. No background checks, codes of conduct, non-compete clause, etc., were done/signed by Joe or Wilbur. When Joe proved to be unreliable and showed suspicious behaviour Al should not have hired someone introduced to him by Joe. There was also no hiring process of any kind.

    The blank checks were a mistake obviously and Al could have mailed them a check or wired money as needed. Al did not inform the bank of his changes and Wilbur was able to take control. At the first sign of trouble with Wilbur trying to cash the checks he left, he should have gone back in person not hired an agent that no one had ever seen or heard from before. Monitoring and acting from California was not enough to solve this large problem when it had escalated. When the new account was opened with CBT he should have gone in person to the bank with his documents to prove to the bank that it was a fraudulent account. In conclusion, more adequate backgrounds were required for someone who was to take over a business with a large amount of trust required on the owner’s part as well as the people who they serve. Controls need to be put in place that will limit the chance of something like this occurring.

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