Attachment theory and children Essay

     Attachment theory is the theory of attachment between children and their caregivers - Attachment theory and children Essay introduction. This theory addresses the attachment children generally have with the familiar adults in their life. The attachment theory is usually referred to as an ethological or an evolutionary theory. In a nutshell, what the theory states is that children generally seek certain person(s) or attachment figure(s) in times of distress for survival purposes. This “haven of safety” is where the child knows he can return when the child is afraid or fearful. The styles of attachment developed are based on experiences and interactions with caregivers.

     It is thought to be important for child development because unhealthy attachment or insecure attachment are at risk for developing problems in childhood and later in life in the areas of social, emotional and behavior problems.

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Attachment theory and children
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     Examples of this are that children who live in poverty and are not sure whether they will have a place to live or enough food to eat often experience chronic anxiety which interferes with their learning ability, and their attachment with their school and their community. It has been shown that teenagers who never developed the secure attachment are more prone to anxiety or depression and more likely to get involved with drugs, more likely to experience anti-social behavior or aggression and/or to get involved in risky sexual behaviors.

     When a child is securely attached, they have positive consequences as far as things like engaging in relationships, maintaining their commitments in school and education, and it has been shown that these secure children then are able to raise happy and secure children also.


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