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Australian Foreign Policy

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Is Australia still inclined to follow the foreign policy lead of ‘great and powerful friends’ or has it found an appropriate place in world politics as an independent middle-power and ‘keeper of the peace’ in its ‘own backyard’?

Historically colonisation of this beautiful and vast arid land named Australia was first settled by the British and inevitably it was theirs to keep. The two countries emerged as one nation only separated by the division of the sea. From then onwards Australia had a responsibility, to keep this bond firm and effective however or whatever the cost might be.

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Australian Foreign Policy
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It’s by the same token that led Australia to take part in both world wars and a range of others. Interestingly Australian’s foreign policy dates back few decades, in fact Australia stepped into to the world politics from World War II, prior to this turning point in history Australia was under the guardian of great colony Britain. Factors that shape Australian foreign policy include economy, security, international arena, the idea of national interest and the political concept between the governing parties and its relations with other countries, particularly with Asia- Pacific relationships.

Indeed Australia’s tendency to upholding the values of its greatest ally of the west is alive at present, previously Great Britain and the United States of America.
The commencement of economical prospects in Australia dates back in the early 1980’s, and the beginning of Australian Dollar floatation marking a period where Australia took part in competitive world economy. However shortly after the Australian economy it began to dwindle and unemployment peaked at record high levels. Several economists urged the need for reform on economic strategies that will lead to stabilising the market and future dealings. They argued Australia’s economy must be counterproductive to prevent any future down turns. Thus the economical downturn effected numerous other sectors in the country with the in export.

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