Autism: The causes and the statistics Essay

Autism: The causes and the statistics

Has there been an epidemic of autism in America over the last ten years?

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Autism: The causes and the statistics
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Autism in America was a disorder or perhaps a psychological problem that they were trying to hide. The growing population of people who have this is undeniable since out of 175 primary school children suffers from autism. In the last ten years, there was indeed a growth in the number that the increase perhaps alarmed the concerned people of America.

If there has been, what might be causing it?

People who were concerned about this situation blames over vaccination to babies.

According to these people, vaccinations on the early lives of infants can cause autism.

Based on this information construct a testable hypothesis for a possible cause for the increase in incidents of autism in the United States. Also suggest a “null” hypothesis to match your suggested hypothesis and include it as part of your contribution to this week’s discussion assignment.


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