Autobiography About Myself: Charles Kim

Autobiography About Myself: Charles Kim

            I am the youngest among the six children of Jun Kim and An Kim. They named me Charles Byung Yul Kim. I grew up in Seoul, South Korea. When I was in high school, we moved to the United States because of the “American dream.” While growing up, I had developed my talent in drawing, writing, and reading. I was also one of smartest kids in my class with one of highest IQ. My childhood memories were full of fun and excitement. My parents were not rich or highly educated but they used positive reinforcement to motivate me. I then realized that this kind of reinforcement worked for me best. One of my favorite things to do is working out. I also like watching movies, dining out, screening, going to seminars, reading, and playing tennis. I would also like to note that I have a good sense of humor.

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            I went to Mount Tahoma High School in Tacoma, Washington. It was easy for me to make friends since I have a likable personality, but I still had to learn English to communicate with them. I was also a good athlete, I joined the track team and also played tennis. I then went to University of Washington to receive my college degree. For graduate school, I chose University of Alabama at Birmingham and was grateful that they gave me the chance to pursue my masters degree here. In June 2008, I plan to graduate from Life University.

            I joined various organizations that enhanced my communication skills and develo my other talents. I was trained by Toastmasters for communication skills and I used to give tours to perspective students as a student ambassador at Life University. I was also the president of a college group at Birmingham Presbyterian church. I used to work as a teacher’s assistant for Organic Chemistry and Biology at (please indicate here in what college or university). I belonged to the President’s Lists and Dean’s Lists at (please indicate here in what college or university). Currently, I am a member of Delta Sigma Chi. I am also the treasurer and a co-director for screening at Maximized Living Club. I am the chairman of the New Welcoming Team at Atlanta Presbyterian Church.

            It is an honor and privilege for me to apply for Maximized Living Health Centers. I believe in this company because it creates the culture of principled chiropractic philosophy, integrity, mission-minded attitude, vision, and chiropractic standard; Maximized Living doctors truly are on a mission. I never imagined that I would be surrounded by these great individuals including Issac Jones, Greg Barns, Blake Livinggood, Dr. Ben, Dr. Greg, Dr. Zane, Dr. Major, Dr. Troy, and so many other Maximized Living doctors. I also had the chance to interact with clients through seminars, screenings, and transformation camps. These events and the time I spent in the offices of doctors made me grow as a person. Transformation camp was a life changing experience for me. I learned my blind spot and for this I want to thank Dr. Greg who showed me my blind spot. I learned the things that I needed to do to become a great Maximized Living doctor to save these dying people.

            I also know that I still have a long way to go so I tried my best to improve my weaknesses and strengths through reading books from the Self-Help section. I did make some minor progress in some areas; however, this took many years to happen. With Maximized Living, I realized that the one day that I spent at the seminar was much more powerful than the months I spent trying to improve my life. Through the transformation camp, I learned that the five minutes of personal coaching from Dr. Greg is more powerful than spending five years on my own. I believe that one of my strengths is that I am easy to coach.

            While I was riding in his Ferrari, I was told by Dr. Charlie Major that I needed to work on my accent. From Chicago, I arrived in Atlanta and I made sure that I register with Pronunciation Pattern, which is one of the best programs for reducing foreign accents. The biggest obstacle that I encountered during this time was the feeling of hesitation. I was glad that Dr. Greg helped me overcome this and taught me how to find my blind spot. Doctor Greg has an innate ability to coach and bring best out of people.

            My mission is totally congruent with Maximized Living’s philosophy and I believe that Maximized Living is in the process of being one of the greatest movement in the history of mankind. I would like to be a part of this great movement. I strongly believe that I would be a great asset to this organization and I would like to donate my time, energy, resources, and money to show how determined I am. I plan to be on radio, television, newspaper and write a book telling the world about the company’s vision and mission. I would like to work as a staff member of Maximized Living to give for the sake of giving, love for the sake of loving, serve for the sake of serving, and share for the sake of sharing.

            I am a better person today than I ever was yesterday. Each time I attended seminars, screenings, and camps, they seemed to be getting better and better. This may be true but also I realized that I am in the process of growing like a tree planted by the living water. When the size of the tree gets bigger, it receives more sunshine, water, and nutrients; therefore, it bears more fruits.

            It has been two years since I first ate healthy organic foods and lived the maximized living way of life. For this, I would like to thank Dan, Issac, David and Dr. Ben. I have  developed my sense of leadership by being a student ambassador at Life University, the treasurer and organizer for screening at Maximized Living Club, and the chairman of the New Welcoming Team at Atlanta Presbyterian church. I believe that I am ready to save the world through Maximized Living Health Center.


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