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Autumn a magnificent end

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Autumn, in a deeper sense, is a magnificent ending to an era. Although all the leaves fall and the sun fails to shine for as long each day as it did during the summer, the death of the cycle of the living seasons is spectacular. It brings vibrant color, tolerable weather, and the promise that it will return again in the spring. Like life, people spend most of it living and taking in all of the wonderful experiences that they encounter along the way.

In the end, when a person’s life cycle is over and it is his time to go, his death is a magnificent event because for all he has lived he is allowed to leave with pride, honor, and the promise that he may return in the afterlife.

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Autumn a magnificent end
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The first sign that the end of natures yearly cycle, autumn, is approaching is when the leaves begin to change their color and whither. Even though they are changing color because they are dying, that thought is dismissed from the mind because of the beauty in that event which the eye beholds-with humans it should be the same thing.

People should not feel sad seeing their elder loved ones change their colors and whither but rather rejoice from the knowledge that they lived a magnificent life and their death is merely the start of a new beginning.

After all the leaves have fallen, and the ground is littered in seas of immense color, the very structure that carried the leaves remains-the trees. They live on long after the leaves have fallen and died and remind us that no matter how long, cold, and terrible the winter is a new spring will come. Even though loved ones die and leave the earth behind the memory of them still remains planted firmly in the soul of the family. Eventually after the winter of pain and sorrow is over a new realization occurs that they have gone on to a better place and that they will see them again.

Following the complete dismissal of the leaves from the trees, they still bring about good to the ground. The leaves decompose, leaving new dirt full of nutrients for the tree to reside in, creating a stable foundation. Even though people can die, their ways of life and the memory of them will always remain. This creates a stable foundation for families to carry on and remain a family, never forgetting the ways of the past.

Even though autumn is a season of death it is still a beautiful display for the eye to behold. The death of all visible living nature in autumn is hidden by the beautiful color of the leaves raining down. In life, many people view death of their elder loved ones as a sorrowful event, which brings them much grief. Death should be perceived as a blessing for he that has passed on because in death it brings eternal happiness, and when each person’s time is up also, they will get to enjoy the same pleasure too.

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