Aviation Aid: Synthetic Vision Systems Essay

Aviation Aid: Synthetic Vision Systems

            Pilots have always been faced by the sky in various situations - Aviation Aid: Synthetic Vision Systems Essay introduction. Although an aircraft has the best ever pilot to man it, the sky can turn fate upside down with its disastrous elements such as storms. During weather disturbances, flights can be disastrous due to limited visibility for pilots. This factor is known to be the greatest contributor in fatal airline and aviation crashes (NASA). Thus, the fate of an aircraft does not really depend on the pilot but to the sky it traverses. Nevertheless, this fact can now be challenged by a new technology in aviation which is synthetic vision system.

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Aviation Aid: Synthetic Vision Systems
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            One would ask what these systems are made of and how can it help change the future of aviation. A synthetic vision system is usually made up of databases, image generator and a display. It mimics the natural environment around and beneath the flying aircraft thus offering an eye for the blindness that the vehicle possesses (Jennings, p. 1). The synthetic vision systems have a variety of advantages to modern aviation. It reduces the risk of accidents and other unexpected on flight problems that account for the low visibility of pilots in aircrafts. The capability of an aircraft to see in all directions in the midst of storms and other untoward events increases the effectiveness and safety of operations (Jennings, p. 1). It is thus very useful and practical to employ on general aviation and airline flights. Moreover, it provides the pilot better situational awareness and improved navigational guide (Hansen). Although synthetic vision systems have a variety of advantages, it also has its own setbacks. The databases these systems use may be outdated through time and may lead to disaster since the terrains are already built in storage computers. Furthermore, pilots born to this type of technology may not actually understand the basics of aviation and so, when these systems malfunction in midflight, the aircrafts would be history since these systems make new pilots dependent on them that they forget how to steer the aircraft manually. Thus, it is important that in utilization of these systems, aviation schools should still retain basics of flying.


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