Axe vs Old Spice Essay

Copy Cat Commercial

There are many commercials that copy one another because someone had the better concept than the other. This is something seen every year in just about every possible commercial that you can think of, there’s always the original & the copycat. A good example would be old spice and axe; they both have the concept of attractive women because of the fragrance. Axe seems to be more for younger people because in the commercials, there’s always a young adult, which is the guy that’s attracting the younger women. In the other hand, old spice seems to be for more older and mature men because the commercials always show full grown men. Both have distinct smells but old spice gives that older smell. Old spice has been around since 1938 and Axe didn’t come out until 1983. Both have just about the same type of products, which are hygiene products. They’re both placed in your local grocery stores in the hygiene section but Axe is found often in extreme sports events in which Old Spice isn’t. Old spice typically promotes more manly men in their commercials and promotes the fragrance as a man fragrance, Axe uses more younger adults and enhances the use of women to show that it can help you attract women which is not necessarily true but they want to make you feel confident in yourself. Old spice targets 18 year olds and above while Axe seems to target 18 – 21 year olds. Axe uses more adolescent fantasies to make you want to buy the product. The weakness that Axe has I that it objectifies women and only targets males within a certain age group. What Old Spice does is market to all age groups but the weakness is that it’s an only male product.

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What Old Spice represents is more of a traditional older male and Axe portrays more of a young and sporty male. Old Spice’s slogan “Smell like a man, man” wants the consumer to get the idea of feeling masculine and wants the buyers to feel like they’re accepted as a man. Axe’s slogan “How dirty boys get clean, the cleaner you get the dirtier you get” which basically uses more sex appeal and promotes fantasies. Axe and Old Spice are extremely competitive with one another, a billboard seen in Canada by Axe read “For Men Who’d Rather Be With A Women Than On A Horse”. The competition between these two brands is really serious
and competitive in who can make their product stand out more.

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