B2C Analysis on Zara - Part 2 - Zara Essay Example

As for the B2C buying behaviour, many perspectives are included - B2C Analysis on Zara introduction. Firstly, take a look at the cultural factors. Buyers of ZARA are influenced by culture, subculture and social factors. ZARA collects information about its customers via staff members, by different observations and also directly from the buyers. Since ZARA is a centralized brand it focuses on the global trends, though it has decided to move towards geocentric orientation and started to adopt local solutions, too.

It is also seen that the income factor is one of the biggest determinants as the brand has relatively high prices. However, it provides value to customers; still not every social class could afford it. Secondly, as far as the social factors are mentioned, buyers can be influenced by their memberships, their activities in different groups, relationships as well as their role and status. For instance, working in a business related area can influence customers to buy formal ZARA clothes as well as being part of a sport club can make them buy sporty clothes.


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While the brand has a lot of segments, it also provides items for sport activities. The role and status is a huge influencing factor. It provides elegant, formal clothes and for this reason ZARA clothes can be bought for showing the already gained position in the society. Among personal factors, the occupation is considered to be the most important since blue collar workers are not even motivated to buy ZARA products.

That is the reason why it does not targets other members of the society. Lastly, the psychological factors are the main determinants. The ZARA brand is valuable, it understands the latest fashion trends and also follows the customer’s wants. Therefore, their prices are relatively high as mentioned before. We can claim that clothes obviously belong to our basic needs, but this quality brand is more like in relation to the esteem part if Maslow’s pyramid is considered.

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