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Bachelor of Science in Advertising Management Course Details Essay

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DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS COURSE CHECKLIST ID 110 Bachelor of Science in Advertising Management (ADV) FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2010-2011 Course Code Course Title College Algebra Computer Package 1 for Advtg. Major Humanity’s Search for Life Introduction to Anthropology Introduction to Political Science G. E.

Natural Science 1 * (see table 1) Fitness & Wellness in Team Sports NSTP Program-Civic Welfare Training Lasallian Recollection 1 Total Units Units 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 (3) (0) 19(3) Prerequisites Course SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2010-2011 Course Title Introductory Accountng Part-1 (Service) Business Mathematics for Commerce Komunikasyon sa Filipinohiya Business Organizations Basic Microeconomics G.

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E. Natural Science 2 * (see table 1) Physical Fitness & Wellness in Individual/Dual Sports Units 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 COMALGE COMALGE Prerequisites Course THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2010-2011 Course Title Introductory Acctng.

Part-2 (Trading) Calculus for Commerce Commerce Statistics 1 Comp. Package 2 for Advtg. Major Basic Communication and Study Skills G. E. Natural Science 3 * (see table 1) Units 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 (3) NSTP-R1 Prerequisites ACTBAS1 BUSMATH BUSMATH COMP1AD COMALGE COMP1AD TREDONE INTHROP POLISCI GENSCI1 FWTEAMS ACTBAS1 BUSMATH FILKOMU BUSORGA ECONONE GENSCI2 FWSPORT PERSEF1 NSTP-C2 ACTBAS2 BUSCALC CBESTA1 COMP2AD ENGLCOM GENSCI3 FWDANCE Physical Fitness & Wellness in Dance NSTP-R2 Military Science 2 NSTP-C1/R1 Service 1/Military Science 1 LASARE1

Personal Effectiveness 1 (2) Nat’l.

Service Training PRG-Civic Welfare NSTP-C1 Phase 2 Total Units 19(2) SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2011-2012 Total Units 19(3) FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2011-2012 Course Code Course Title Units 3 3 3 3 3 3 Prerequisites ACTBAS2 CBESTA1 ECONONE BUSORGA TREDONE Course THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2011-2012 Prerequisites Course Course Title Strategic Planning and Acct. Mgt. Advtng. , Consumer & Media Research Financial Management 1 Units 3 3 3 3 3 3 Prerequisites ADPRINS ADPRINS; COMP1AD ACTBAS2 ENGLRES TREDTWO KASPIL1

Course Title Principles of Advtng. & Mktg. Comm. Obligations and Contracts Basic Research Skills / English For Specific Purposes Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Iba’t-Ibang Disiplina Buhay, Mga Sinulat, Nagawa ni Dr. J. Rizal Units 3 3 3 3 3 ACTPACO Partnership & Corporation Acctg. CBESTA2 Commerce Statistics 2 ECONTWO Introduction to Macroeconomics MARKET1 TREDTWO INTFILO Principles of Marketing The Filipino Christian in a Changing World Introductory Philosophy ACTMANA ADPRINS OBLICON ENGLRES FILDLAR KASPIL1 Mgnt. Acctg. or Non-Accountancy Students 3 ACTBAS2 MARKET1;COMP1AD ADSTRAT ADSERCH FINMAN1 ENGLCOM FILKOMU HUMAART Introduction to Art TREDTRI KASPIL2 PERSEF2 LASARE2 The Christian and the Word Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas Personal Effectiveness 2 Lasallian Recollection 2 Total Units (2) PERSEF1 (0) LASARE1 18(2) Total Units 18 Total Units 18 FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2012-2013 Course Code Course Title Advtng Visualization and Art Direction Copywriting and Creative Mgt. Units 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 Prerequisites ADSTRAT;ADSERCH ADSTRAT MARKET1;ADPRINS;ADSERCH

SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2012-2013 Course Course Title Print Advtng Production and Mgt Advocacy Advtng & Public Relations Management Science Contemporary Nat’l & Econ. Devt. Oral Communication / Advanced Speech Class Integrated Social Science (see table 2) Total Units Units 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 Prerequisites ADVISUA, ADWRITE ADVISUA, ADWRITE BUSCALC; CBESTA1 ECONTWO ENGLCOM Course THIRD TERM, Academic Year 2012-2013 Course Title Units 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 – Con’t. at the back MANASCI,ADPRINT, ADVOCPR Prerequisites

ADPRINS;ADSTRAT;ADVISUA ADVISUA ADWRITE ADPRINT ADVOCPR MANASCI CONADEV SPEECOM THMATIC ADRAPHO Advertising Photography AMGELE1 Electives for Advertising**(see table 3) ADMEDIA BUCOTAX Media Planning and Buying Business and Income Taxation MARKMAG Marketing Management PARTCOR Partnership and Corporation FINMAN2 HUMALIT Financial Management 2 Introduction to Literature Total Units OBLICON FINMAN1 ENGLRES OBLICON TREDTRI TREDFOR The Christian Vocation of Life GREATWK The Great Works Total Units age 2 ID 110 ADV Course Checklist Table 1. G. E. Natural Sciences (GENSCI1; GENSCI2; GENSCI3) For BSA; BS-AEC; AB-ECM; ECM-BSC; MMG; AMG only For BMG; ACM; IBS; LMG; MFI only ENVIRONMENT Course Codes Biology FIRST TERM, Academic Year 2013-2014 SECOND TERM, Academic Year 2013-2014 Prerequisites ADPRINT;ADRAPHO ADPRINS FINMAN2; MARKET1 OBLICON PERSEF2 LASARE2 HUMALIT Total Units 3 GLOBCUL GLOBDEV Course Course Title Advertising Practicum/Thesis Units 3 Prerequisites ALL ADVERTISING SUBJECTS & MARKMAG

NEW MATERIALS Units Course Codes 2 1 1 1 1 6 Total Units 6 Units 1 1 1 SCIENVB SCIENVC LBYENVC SCIMATB LBYMATB SCIMATC LBYMATC SCIMATP Course Code Course Title Broadcast Advtng Production & Mgt. Salesmanship in Advertising Strategic Management Legal Aspects of Advtsg Promotions Personal Effectiveness 3 Lasallian Recollection 3 Introduction to Creative Writing Total Units Units 3 3 3 3 (2) (0) 3 15(2) 183 units (12) units 195 units Chemistry ADBROAP ADSALES STRAMAN LAWADVE PERSEF3 LASARE3 CREWRIT THSADMG 2 Physics SCIENVP LBYENVP Total Units Table 2. (THMATIC) Integrated Social Science Course Code Course Title Globalization and Culture Globalization and Development Governance and Institutional Change Health and Social Science Peace and Conflict Population and Family Social Facts and Identities Technology and Society Environment and Society NTROPSY or INTSOCI or INTHROP and POLISCI Pre-requisite Total Academic Units Total Non-Academics TOTAL GOVINST HECUSOC PEACECO NOTE: Courses in italics are majors.

Entry into the program requires the passing of the qualifying exam administer by the dept. every 3rd term of the school year. TO THE STUDENT: Please take note that courses should not be enrolled FAMIPOP SOCIFAC TECHSOC ENVISOC Prepared by : ATTY. CHRISTOPHER E. CRUZ Vice-Dean, College of Business & Economics MR. JOSE LUIS R. LIONGSON Chair, Marketing Management Department Approved by: DR. MICHAEL M. ALBA MYRNA S. AUSTRIA Dean, College of Business & Economics without having passed their respective pre-requisites.

Courses taken without having passed the pre-requisites will be INVALIDATED. Please be guided accordingly. Table 3. AMGELE1(Advertising Electives) Course Course Title PRE-REQUISITE ADPRINT ADCOMPU Computer Graphics in Advertising ADIRECT ADE-COM ADEVENT INTELAW NAME: ______________________________________ ID # ________________________ * as of 27 April 2010 Direct Response Advtg. & Sales Promo. Advertising E-Commerce Events Advertising International Trade & Law ECONONE; OBLICON

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