Background of communication and its effects on organizations as resurch problem

When an organization communicates internally, it shapes the values of its employees; when it communicates externally, it influences the perception of the external public. Ethics plays a crucial role in communication. The word ethics encompasses the entire spectrum of human conduct.

Communication is not just important to an organization, but is an important component in everyday human life. Gamble, et al has stated that: “Communication is the core of our humanness”, and that “how we communicate with each other shapes our lives and our world”. Communicative skills help humans to reach out to one another or to confront events that challenge our flexibility, integrity, expressiveness and critical thinking skills (Gamble and Gamble, 2002).

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The general objective of this study is to investigate how effective communication affects employee motivation at Kenya Seed Company. More specifically, the study sought to:

1) Establish the factors that contribute to poor communication.
2) Determine the effects of communication on employee motivation in the organization.
3) Determine the various strategies used to improve communication.

To achieve the objectives of the study, the research sought to answer the following questions:

1) What are the effects of poor communication on employee motivation?
2) What are the channels of communication in an organization?
3) What are the factors that contribute to poor communication?
4) What are the strategies/ways of enhancing communication in the company?

Some of the problems associated with ineffective communication in a business organization using my case study as an example are lack of proper channels of communication throughout which information is obtained. This explains why there still exists situations were minor problems which could be solved by simple dialogue between the workers and the management most times lead into major problems which cause some set back in the company.

The organization is not willing to carry its employees along, through sharing of information on management decisions. This gave way for workers to receive and give information from the grave vine rumors, and rumor being unhealthy development brings about negative opinion and also leads to unfavorable reaction to the organizational problems.

Communication plays a vital role in the growth and survival of any society or organization. One important skill hat effective leaders and manager is the ability to communicate their version. Inability to communicate our resolve and reasoning means that we cannot persuade other people to act. No matter how great the ideas are, it will be useless, if it is not transmitted to and understood by others. No business or bank can survive today’s complex and competitive environment if it can not get its messages across to customers or if customers have to struggle to do decipher their message.

Within the organization, failure will result if employees receive unclear, confusing or conflicting messages and instructions. So, the importance of communication cannot be overemphasized because it is what makes every department in any industry, organization to work effectively. It is upon it that organizations are built. It is important to know that the success of any organization or industry largely depends on effective communication and also that the parties involved should be capable of maintaining good communication network which will keep to establish good rapport and bring undersigning among them accordingly and consequently achieve organization’s goals and objectives.

Based on the findings made and conclusion drawn from relevant information gathered and analyzed, the following are hereby recommended; Management should make sure that relevant information is neither delayed nor held from employees and customers as these can cause conflict, gossips, rumors and lack truths. Information should be properly recorded considering the cultural differences of the target audience or recipients. The use of big, ambiguous words, slang and idioms should be avoided or at least minimized for effectiveness. Management should ensure that the channels of communications are open and free for both managers and subordinates to allow the free flow of communication. Communication should make clarity and simplicity their goal and not unnecessarily showcase their linguistic ability when communicating. Finally communicators should fashion message to ensure that it says what they mean and also take those differences into account.

In the course of this study, the researcher covered areas that had to do with problems of communication in the baking industry, but left some areas uncovered. These areas are as follows: The use of modern communication equipment to achieve effective communication in an industry. Written communication is the best means to achieve effective communication Effective communication Replication of this.

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