Backlash of Faith: Unfolding the Role of Religion in Culture

The perception of modernism has conceivably been the root of what seemed to be the expansion of the views on revolution.  Further, such expansion has vaguely created a new dimension upon the issue on understanding the role of religion in culture of the different races that came upon humanity.  Consequently, it takes a milestone of complicated yet culturally constructed idea that the set of concepts as well as the series of material process, in one sense or another intend to shuffle the crystallized vortex of understanding and accepting the reality of racial distinction which further makes the world a room not only for one, but for all.


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Backlash of Faith: Unfolding the Role of Religion in Culture
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The interaction between the two raging influential bodies, religion and culture came across the surfacing of a fascinating standpoint on how to create harmony despite the fact that both fall in the arena of a huge gap manifested by tradition, belief and influences controlled by nature and the environment (Plate, 2002).  Moreover, the idea of crossing the boundaries of differences due to globalization and societal rapport, respectively, undress the conflict of what is seemingly impossible during the primitive years; by which race is to race, as brother is to brother (Long, 2005).  Perceivably, such behavior towards the sagacity of loyalty and faith has been brought upon by tradition (Forbes & Mahan, 2005), and the idea that it is now flexed in a rather lither viewpoint raises the argument of this paper.

Religion and Popular Culture in America

In the light, religion has provided ideological support and institutional resources.  In the case of America, considerably the “big kids in the block” has conceivably been the vanguard of representing the flexible state of appreciation and understanding towards distinction in religion and culture since that Liberty is considered to be the meeting point of business and transaction with regard to international schemes.  For that certain reason, the idea of recognition in the different cultures and nationality serves them an obligation so as to keep a cal community in the trade world (Long, 2005).

Religion does not only surface in the clear waters in the arena of churches, mosques and temples.  The scope of such has even reached the stadium of music, theater, art and literature, such that, the influences brought upon by the latter had been a blockbuster factor in reaching out the attention of the masses (Forbes & Mahan, 2005), seemingly making them jump of the skin of conventionality and thus making the hidden mysteries of religion commence in an open book of controversy and revenue raising.

An example of which is the rise of the Da Vinci Code, The Lost Gospel Judas, and all the other films which tackled the mishaps of Catholicism and questioning the sacredness of Christ.  Aside from that, books and songs which catered various thoughts and issues in faith and religion reception had been top selling entities in the market paving a way in trickling the rationality and sense of religiousness among the contemporary society.

With such regard, it is blatant to state that religion and culture had been major influences in Liberty’s jurisdiction and thus created a milestone in changing certain viewpoints of different individuals from different races since that the vastness of their broadcast being the International Capital of the world pays credit to their grandeur.

Religion and Culture in Saudi Arabia

            On the contrary, the distinction established with the so-called unified sense of “brotherhood” among the Moslems as stated in their history, conveying the point of enthusiasm of their Prophet Mohammed which instilled the idea of “holy war” as a sense of faith among its constituents, which consequently, is a brutal form of coercion of spreading their Islamic belief.

In further illustration of the influence of their religion, their long intent to make the world follow their heed has accordingly resulted into massive destruction of land masses and violence, for that matter, making them culprits and pioneers in expunging the sagacity of serenity and peace since the past five centuries - Backlash of Faith: Unfolding the Role of Religion in Culture introduction.   Moreover, it had been noted that their primary aim, is to make Islam an empire and their religion extend even across the boundaries of Arab nations, and eventually, to gain a reminiscent ideology of total domination.  Transparently, given with such notable perception, the Islam culture is most likely the biggest threat ever to hit mankind.


            The views, beliefs and traditions of the two domineering religions, Christianity and Islam, coherently illustrate why the backlash on attaining armistice had been a crucial issue up-to-date.  It may not be sufficient to state to fact that Islam is the culprit of the society, if taken to the credence of their race (Long, 2005), since they would either believe to latter to be so, on the contrary. How these religions tend to boggle the minds of those who attempt in understanding such differences is the main reason why the UN never bring to a halt the goal of achieving concordance among nations armed with diverse religion and culture (Plate, 2002).


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