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Balbir Pasha Help Fight AIDS

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PSI India – Submitted By: Soumyo Pattnaik (U109115) Problem The case presents a problem over choosing a suitable mass campaign route to be taken by an NGO named Population Services International (PSI), India. Their aim is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among the vulnerable groups due to lifestyle behavior. They wanted to design a differentiated campaign to connect with the target population at a wider and deeper level. 1. Do you think it is wise for PSI India to shift gears from its previous communication strategy and develop a mass media campaign in its fight against AIDS?

Ans. Yes, I agree that there is indeed a need to develop a mass media campaign with a differentiated approach from all those that have been used till now. Broadly, the issues were to make the target population associate themselves with the issue of HIV/AIDS. Majority of the target had sort of shut off from this threat, nurturing various notions and beliefs in their minds.

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The need was to break this stupor and make them receptive. Following is the justification Situation till now Catering to only supply side of industry and not clients (Wrong Channelization) We observe that till now PSI’s efforts were solely diverted towards to try and control HIV/AIDS from the demand side of the Commercial Sex Industry i. e. their agents Interpersonal Communicators used to approach and interact with Commercial Sex Workers, Pimps and Madams from the local brothels. These people, though they understood the problem and the risk involved were helpless in front of customer demands who did not want to lessen their pleasure by using a condom; they would threaten to go to another sex worker.

The situation was so bad, intense and competitive that sex workers were left with no choice but to go ahead without protection. Rest of the story is told by Exhibit 4 which tells 85. 7% of HIV transmission occurs through sexual contact. * Taboo Attitude towards Sex The attitude towards sex then and to some extent even now was very hush-hush and looked down upon to discuss in the public. PSI has not done anything much to address the remaining vulnerable groups like Port workers, sailors, truck-drivers, migrant labourers etc directly.

Also with the manpower and budget it is having, the reach is very limited for their IPCs as well. Thus, to raise awareness for a supposedly “sensitive” issue with direct approach is next to impossible, this called for mass media to increase reach in terms of depth and width. * Bland & Impersonal Campaigning Till now thereby low awareness Campaigning regarding HIV/AIDS or for that matter sex had been more of educational in nature and the method of transfer was also more impersonal and like preaching a sermon in the class. This lack of personalization failed to raise empathy among the people to consider their own sex practices.

Also the use of fear was too much than on the preventive part, this has lead to the target shutting off from the issue and giving rise to misconceptions and attitudes like “This cannot happen to me”. The need was to make people talk and discuss these issues freely than timidly, thus the need to bring out the truth in open. 2. Is the concept proposed by Lowe Lintas, a fictional character named Balbir Pasha, better for generating general AIDS awareness or for highlighting particular barriers for condom use in the target population (male migrant workers between 18-34)? Ans.

PSI had zeroed in on male migrant labourers between 18-34 as they indulged in high risk sexual behavior and fell under medium to high risk status. I would say the Balbir Pasha campaign would be successful for the both the issues. Following is the justification * Generating general AIDS awareness The change in general awareness was to be brought out by following ways:- 1. Attitudinal Change: Personalizing the message & Creating Empathy 2. Behavioural Change: Motivate people to use helpline 3. Change Social Norms: Generate discussion to facilitate understanding How Balbir Pasha would be successful Balbir Pasha as a name is very unique, thus would be able to draw attention. This way by increasing the involvement in the character, the empathy levels would rise. Thus, when he is put under various threatening situations, people will associate with him and realize the intensity of danger and learn from the mistakes the alter-ego character does. * The tagline “Will Balbir Pasha get AIDS? ” is itself a conversation starter in itself, can be carried forward as a gossip as it presents a problem about quite a sensitive topic, needless to say it is bound to set tongues rolling. Highlighting particular barriers for condom use The campaigning regarding condom use has been more of informational and preaching type till now. Balbir Pasha brings an element of difference to sit-up and notice, however if Balbir Pasha starts talking about condom use, the campaign will switch back to the “preaching” mode, so more characters would need to be drawn in so that this role dramatization continues (which can be done easily), whom people will relate to as people with whom they have had sexual contacts and think of the various situations like * Trusting/knowing a girl Lack of pleasure * She looks healthy * Loyalty to one or two partners Are also applicable to them and their sexual partners, thereby how vulnerable they are to the risk of contracting the disease. 3. How would you judge the success of the campaign? Ans. The success of the campaign can be decided from the results it achieves with respect to the way it was positioned for the target and to what level it was able to achieve the following objectives, which can be divided into two types. * Short term objectives

These would be decided on the basis of how the market responds to the campaign within few days of launch i. e. * Success in creating a buzz about the character itself. * Success in gaining recognition for the character by association. * Set tongues rolling about the issue concerning the character. * Long term objectives These are the core issues the campaign is supposed to address i. e. whether it was able to reach the target that were set for the campaign which can be quantified as:- * Make people talk about sex and thereby HIV/AIDS more freely, remove the taboo element. Increase the awareness among people regarding HIV/AIDS and the risk associated. * Remove the misconceptions about transmission (and for that matter non transmittal routes like touch or sharing food) routes of the disease. * Rise in the sales and use of contraceptions like condoms. * Rise in calls to the help line and VCT services. On an overall basis, it should be able to wake up people from their stupor and get them face-to-face with the truth.

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