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Ballroom Dancing Is a Fantastic Sport to Do

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Ballroom dancing is a fantastic sport to do, even though many people don’t share the same view as I have. Ballroom dancing is the only sport that uses both your body and your mind at the same time. The two people in the image are WA’s Best Youth couple. This couple that you see in front of you are Brodie Bardon and Lana Skrgic –De-Fonseka. As you can most likely tell this is a real image. The image shows a male and a female ballroom dancing couple performing their routine at a competition.

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Ballroom Dancing Is a Fantastic Sport to Do
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The stance of the man reassures us that he is in control of where the lady is going to go, the lady looks like she is calm and relaxed as well as looking like she trusts him. Ballroom dancing is dependent on a number of things but the one thing that both people in a ballroom dancing partnership need is trust. The lady has to follow what the man does, As well the man must trust the lady that she will follow his lead and not try and take over, the man must also trust the lady that when he is dancing backwards that she will not let him hit anything or anyone as well as trying not to get him into any trouble.

I believe that the main theme of the picture is about the trust that is required in ballroom dancing. As you know the couple in the image are WA’s best ballroom dancing youth couple. They are about 18 years old. Some facial expression that we see is that Lana is feeling relaxed and is trusting Brodie, unfortunately the angle of the photo does not show the facial expression on Brodie’s face however because I know him personally and have seen him dancing before at other competitions I would expect that he would have a smile on his face, looking very relaxed and calm and looking like he is having a lot of fun.

The dress code for ballroom dancing in the style of modern is generally something that makes you look very fancy. The Man is wearing a set of tails which cost a fair amount of money. However because he is a world representative for Australia I would not be surprised if he was sponsored by a ballroom dancing outfit company such as Brendan Vale. The lady is wearing a long flowing red dress, with floats attached to the dress and to the sleeve of her dress. They are both wearing dancing shoes, which is very different to normal shoes.

Dancing shoes have velvet soles which make the shoes a lot lighter and also allowing less grip to make it easier to slide your feet along the ground. The relationship between the couple is a strong one, I would assume that they both get along very well and are good friends, I do not believe that this image shows any romantic relationship between them, just friendship and a dancing partnership. The place where they are is an arena in Melbourne called Hisense Arena. This is where the Australian Championships are held every year.

In this particular and in general with ballroom dancing partnerships the man holds the power, not because ballroom dancing is a sexus sport but because the lady seems to be able to do more things such as arm lines and head lines which makes the dance improve, then if the lady had to lead and world then the man may as well not be there, so they have made it that the man leads because the man has very little to do other than body shaping and doing the correct steps.

Some visual conventions have been used in this photo to enhance it, one example of this is the angle the photo is taken, at a low angle to make them seem bigger and larger than they really are. This is because they are the champions of their age group so they are made to look bigger because they are the best. The framing is so that they are the biggest thing and the first thing we look at so we don’t look anywhere else. So concludes my analysis of the picture I have chosen. I hope I have informed you about both ballroom dancing and the things that make this picture so good.

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