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Barnabas’ Boldness to Witness

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One word that I feel describes Barnabas is encourager. For one his name mean Son of Encouragement. He also encouraged his fellow apostles to continue the work of the Lord. Another word is committed. Barnabas was committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. He wanted to always serve God in everything he did. Barnabas was also a teacher. He was constantly teaching the Jews and Gentiles about the love that God had for them. Another word is love. He had a love for his fellow apostles and for the people he taught about Jesus Christ.

Finally, he was set apart. God set Barnabas apart from others like He did Paul. He was different.

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Barnabas’ Boldness to Witness
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I think one of Barnabas’ most important values is how much love and devotion he had for the unsaved people in the world. He had a deep desire to reach these people. Another value that I feel Barnabas had was the boldness to witness. He knew that his life would be in danger if preached the gospel but did it anyway.

I would like to have Barnabas as a friend today because he was a Godly man and loved God. He would be a great encouragement to me and a example of how a man of God should act and be.

Barnabas had a great impact on the church. He was able to spread the gospel and many people came to know the Lord because of him. Paul and he planted seeds in many towns, which started churches that reached many people. Qualities such as boldness to preach and being committed to the cause enabled him to have such and impact.

I would like to see the boldness he had to witness in the face of death so I could reach people for Christ. It’s hard for me even though I’m not being persecuted. I would also like to be an encouragement to new believers like he was so that they could grow in Christ.

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