Basic Education Curriculum Essay

RBEC AN EVALUATION OF THE REVISED BASIC EDUCATION CURRICULUM (RBEC) AT THE ELEMENTARY LEVEL A Critique Paper EVA B. IMINGAN Introduction Our country is ushering on a new era of educational   revolution as it go through reengineering of its new curriculum with the introduction of the K to 12 Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum under the administration of President Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino.

In the context of improving the curriculum that is attuned to the call of the times, this paper examines the Revised Basic Education Curriculum (RBEC) used by the public school system of the Philippines in the elementary level today- its strength and weaknesses in terms of the emerging generation and concept of globalization; and   towards the achievement   of the aim of the education to produce citizens who are able and competent enough to compete under the new international standards in terms of knowledge and skills that is needed in the 21st century.

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Specifically, this paper offers possible recommendations on how are we going to make the contents of RBEC most enriching and viable for the new generation by identifying the areas by which to be retain or remove suitable for the new K to 12 curriculum.

The RBEC curriculum is said to be congested so how are we going to decongest it in a manner that is appropriate to the clientele of the new K to 12 curriculums?

This is by taking into consideration the implementation of the new educational scheme that is purposively to prepare our youth for the challenges of the technology-driven society. I. Summary of Curriculum The Revised Basic Education Curriculum can be summed up in the following:

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