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Bath & Body Works Sample

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Background Bath & A ; Body Works is a premium retail merchant owned by Limited Brands. bring forthing spa interventions. soap. beauty merchandises and aromas for the place. Shops include merchandises from several different trade names runing from aromatherapy. C. O. Bigelow ( an pharmacist ) . True Blue watering place. Slatkin & A ; Co. for place aromas. White Barn Candle Company and Bath & A ; Body’s signature aroma and organic structure attention aggregation.

PROBLEM STATEMENTKey Marketing Problems1. Bath & A ; Body Works carries a broad scope of merchandises from lotions.

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Bath & Body Works Sample
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soaps. tapers. place aroma. and at-home watering place interventions. Because Bath & A ; Body Works has non focused on one peculiar facet. they have many rivals who have a greater trade name individuality due to their home-fragrance specialisation.

2. During the off-season. particularly spring and fall months. gross revenues can diminish to 1/3 of the sum of holiday net income. This is mostly due to the big lessening in selling compared to winter months and the deficiency of traditional print or broadcast advertisement.

SituationAnalysisSwotMarket & A ; Consumer Behavior AnalysisCompetitive AnalysisMerchandise Analysis

SWOT ANALYSIS?Strengths? Cost Advantage? Asset Leverage? Strong Brand Recognition & A ; Loyalty

?Weaknesses? Poor Supply Chain? Weak Management Team? Low Market Share

?Opportunities? Financial Market? Invention? Product and Service Expansion

?Threats? Competition? Economic Slowdown? Price Wars

MARKET & A ; CONSUMER BEHAVIORAnalysis? Management? Selling? Research? Cleavage? Consumer Behavior? Creativity



Target Market1. Womans ages 18-24 with a household income of at least $ 50. 000. without kids. and have some postsecondary instruction.2. Womans ages 25-54 with a household income of at least $ 75. 000. with kids. and employed in white-collar places.


Marketing Aims

IMC Aims

Media Aims

STRATEGIES AND PROGRAMS? Marketing Schemes? Media Schemes

IMC Strategies and Programs

? Elementss of the IMC Mix? Copy Platform? Creative Strategies and executing



“About Us” . Bath & A ; Body Works. ( 2012 ) . Retrieved May 9. 2015 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bathandbodyworks. com/corp/ index. jsp ; jsessionid=SM54PTQVpZN3FQ32RpcHgG0g2TTrpJFhsQfyJdHr TJBY6TnGVVqy! -364969315? page=aboutus

Cite this Bath & Body Works Sample

Bath & Body Works Sample. (2017, Jul 18). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/bath-body-works-essay-sample-1439/

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