Batman film review (1989) Essay

Batman is back with a new epic adventure, this time not only fighting enemies, but creating them too - Batman film review (1989) Essay introduction. This brilliant interpretation of the original comic book is brought to life by magnificent special effects and impressive direction from the forth-coming Tim Burton.

This film is the starting point for the character known as the ”Joker” (Jack Nicholson), and the main thread of the storyline is about how his transformation from a regular villain into a psychotic criminal, effects the Batman (Michael Keaton) and the citizens of Gotham City.

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The plot starts off with petty crimes that result in unexpected consequences. This triggers the Joker’s entrance into the film and develops the atmosphere to a more profound and mysterious period. The Joker is obviously more superior to ordinary convicts, which causes considerably more havoc for the police and authorities. Therefore the Batman is forced to become more involved with the Joker’s schemes than he expected.

Yet the Batman has other things on his mind. At a buisness congregation, he meets (and later falls in love) with a new-found journalist named Vicky Vale (Kim Basinger). However she also catches the Joker’s eye and he has other plans for her. When the Joker puts another of his ghastly conspiracies into action, the Batman attempts to salvage the situation, but quick on the uptake, the Joker is ready to use the young journalist as bait.

If there are flaws in this creation then they are extremely miniature, still some might argue that these faults are vastly significant to the way this film is portrayed. For instance, although the Joker intended his name to be quite sardonic, there are moments in the film where the audience get the impression that the joker is nothing more than a joker, and that there is not much threat in him, at least not as much as the comic books suggest there should be. Though the film lacks some of the comic book’s intent, you can clearly tell what the production is based on, indeed there are some instants that are so clich�d that you can imagine words such as ‘bang’ and ‘pow’ in the action scenes.

This is the first in the ‘Batman’ series so one would expect it to be up to a substantial standard, therefore allowing for a few errors/drawbacks. What we must understand is the endeavour that all the actors, producers and of course Tim Burton put into this achievement. Contemplating that, and the fact that this film was made in 1989, it is an outstanding success.

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