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Bearing Military

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Well lets see you want to know what the importance of the military bearing is. Well I think everyone has their own interpation of what military bearing is. For an example i was always under the impression that it is when you are standing at the position of attention and you do not move without being told to you stand their and keep a steight face ieven if what is being said is not true or even if you are getting yelled at you do not show any signs of weakness cause if you do it will be thrown back in your face and it will make the person ride you even hard.

n some cases they will push you and push you till you break cause they don’t really know what your breaking point is. so basically it amounts to keeping your composer at all times you never let them see you mad ,sad, happy or anything. emotions are not meant to be had in the army.

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Bearing Military
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their is an two star general who once said that you don’t love when you are deployed so if that is the case then we don’t have any other emotion either. o what is actually the importance of military bearing. well when i asked some of my fellow soldiers what the importance of a military bearing was to the one of the answered it is a bearing in a truck and without it we would not have trucks well you may expect that out of someone in motoer pool but it was not it was someone actually in our company. and another person said they didn’t know cause they were never issued one.

All military soldiers regaurdles of branch have an obligation to conduct themselves with dignity and in such a manner as to reflect credit on the military service that they are in. Dignity exists only where the individual has a proper sense of his or her own worth and of the worthiness of their cause. The person who possesses true dignity also will respect the dignity of others

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