Beauty in Advertising Essay

Beauty is bought nowadays - Beauty in Advertising Essay introduction. The ads in my Cosmopolitan magazine are all about beauty on women. Cosmopolitan intended audience is for women. Now I say beauty “on women” because they try to sell beauty. It is almost like the advertisements are in a contest to sell more products. They appeal to need for aesthetic sensations. Cosmopolitans projected audience is of course for women. Probably from ages eighteen and up. In this magazine they talk about sex and tips about sexual relations with your spouses or boyfriends.

Fans send in bad or good experiences they have had involving sex or relationship. They also give relationship advice. On the cover of this month’s issue of cosmopolitan, March 2013, they have sayings on the cover like: “YOUR BEST SEX EVER! ” and “20 Moves From Cuddly to Crazy. ” And “Threesome Confessions” and also “The 3 Words You Must Never Say to a Guy. ” Their advertisements are about make-up, clothes, jewelry, shoes, perfume, accessories and shampoos. And it’s filled with all sorts of different colors. The advertisements are trying to sell beauty to women and looking good longer.

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The ads involving make-up are about all different varieties of make-up and how they last longer to look beautiful all day. Like in March 2013s issue of Cosmopolitan on page 17 you get an ad for Lancome foundation and their slogan is “The longwear you love to wear. ” I feel that they don’t talk about how good you will fell on the inside but they show how beautiful you could look on the outside. And that’s not always the case of being beautiful. It is like a contest to sell more products. All these make up ads basically say the same thing: “We are the best. “We last longer. ” “We look better with your skin tone. ” Blah blah blah. When in reality they are all the same. They use celebrities to try and sell their products. It makes us think that if the stars like Nikki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, or Pink use the product it must be good. The women in these advertisements are doing “sexy” poses. Most of the time the buyers will choose the product that has the better looking women in the advertisement. We fantasize about looking just like them because we think that’s what beautiful looks like.

That’s all the ads show is beauty on the outside. That’s why so many women are insecure without their makeup on or the hottest new outfit. Women want to be noticed and feel beautiful. It’s all about ads. When is the last time you walked into the store and bought some make up because of the ingredients in it or some clothes because you liked the thread. You pick the product that looked better in the ad or which shirt looked better on the model. Advertisements have an impact on us whether we know it or not.

These advertisements appeal to the need of aesthetic sensations. Creativeness attracts us to advertisements. So when we see things that catch our eye we take a longer look at the ad. And the people who make these ads know this. They put women in dance like poses. This makes the product look fun to us. If the model looks good doing it then we assume we will look good too. On page 58 of this month’s issue there is an advertisement for jeans that has a girl jumping in mid air with her hair flying around and her arms waving in the air. They can even make tampons look fun.

On page 136 the woman is going out with her friends and riding around on a moped. She looks happy and comfortable because she is using Playtex tampons. Also in ads they use glitter and lots of bright colors. Bright colors will attract any girls’ attention. We often associate things that are soft with product. A Covergirl lip stick advertisement on page 10 of this March 2013s issue of cosmopolitan uses peddles as an example. The editorial content says, “Petal soft lips in a twist. ” Making it seem like your lips will be soft as a petal if you use their lip stick.

Ads will make the models in their pictures look fierce to make it seem like their product is fierce just like the women. They put words they want you to see in their ads bright and BIG. The flashier the picture the better the chance you will take a double look and observe the advertisement longer. Advertisements are part of our subconscious mind. We make choices when choosing a product because of what we saw in the ads we see even though we may not realize it. We let advertisements affect how we see ourselves. We compare our beauty the models.

Flashy colors of clothes or text and glittery make up attracts us to an advertisement. Some women will contrast who they want to be with the models in the ads and how they look. They are trying to sell beauty. They make you think their product will make you look the prettiest on the outside but not one talks about the beauty on the inside. They don’t even compare the beauties because if you felt beautiful on the inside you might care a little less on the beauty on the outside. They want you to contrast yourself with the celebrities. Beauty is not natural anymore.

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