Becoming a Flexible Reader Essay

Becoming a flexible reader There are three important reading style that each student to be a flexible reader. Each has its own purpose, a student has to identify his purpose for reading and decide if he is reading or looking for specific information. The first style is Study Reading, this is the use when the purpose is to read difficult material at a high level of comprehension. the student should read at a rate that is slower than his normal rate, he must challenge himself to understand the material.

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Becoming a Flexible Reader
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Study reading require him to read material more than once. -Skimming, this is the use when the purpose is to quickly obtain a general idea about the reading material. The skimming style is most useful when the student has to read a large material in a short amount of time,here he has to identify the main ideas in each paragraph, and ignore the details in supportive sentences, because he is looking only for the main idea in each paragraph, a lower level of comprehension is to be expected than when he is using the reading style.

What about GANGNAM style ? :p ) -The third style is Scanning,this is the use when the purpose is to quickly locate a specific piece of information within the reading material,this piece of information may be contained in a list of names,words,numbers,short statements and sometimes even in paragraph since he knows what he is looking for, the student moves his eyes quickly over the reading material untill locating the specific piece of information he needs to find.

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