Behavior Modification Assignment Essay

The purpose of my experiment was to change my study habits - Behavior Modification Assignment Essay introduction. Before beginning the assignment I started off only studying my classwork for about 1 to 2 hours a day. I readily noticed that this behavior needs to change to at least 3 to 4 hours a day, so I figured out a plan. The basic approach I used to change this behavior was to start going to the library more often rather than leaving and going straight home after class. I also started taking better class notes so that I could have something to review over than just my text book.

By me putting in more hours of study time I should see a better outcome in my grades by the end of the semester. Method: I first started off by taking better class notes and paying more attention in class. Then rather than leaving and heading home after class, I would stay on campus and either go to the library or the computer lab to review my work. I needed to be somewhere quiet where I could focus and have no distractions.

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I would stay and study for about 3 to 4 hours a day in a quiet environment. I also tried to use different resources to study with besides just my text book and notes, mainly the internet. Results: As the days progressed and I was still studying more than I used to, I could see a big change in my memory. Things that were being talked about in class, I already knew. It made me feel like I was ahead of the game just by putting in those extra hours after class looking at my material for the next class.

I really was not expecting such a drastic change in my study habits before I started this assignment, but now I see what a huge difference it makes me feel. I feel so much better now sitting in class and knowing what the professor is discussing about being able to follow along with no problem. When I first started the behavior change my goal was to start studying 3 to 4 hours a day, now it feels like I go well over that not even knowing how fast time is flying by. Discussion: After conducting this modification assignment I feel that it was a great success.

I feel more confident in the classroom now just because I have studied the material. And I also think that I am now a better student. In the end this will pay off at the end of the semester by seeing a change for the better in my grades. If had to do this assignment all over again I would start bring my laptop to class so I could type my notes up and save them, rather than just having to write them all out on notebook paper. This would save time more and also would be a much easier way for me to review my notes.

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