Being a project manager

1. I think Rachel did a great job as project manager and she managed her day very well. She arrived early to work to get an early start to the day. Even though she is clearly busy early in the day she makes enough time for her boss to discuss progress with the project. She is also a good team player because she helped Victoria get back on track perhaps by letting Victoria work with their personnel a little longer. Although it took her a while to get to it, she replied to all her emails and phone calls.

Even though there was a minor obstacle that she learned about in the meeting, she stayed calm and got it resolved by contacting John and then going over to Mary’s office to discuss the issue. It was a very hectic day and I believe it was a wise decision to shut the door to relax and listen to some music for a short period just to get her head back in the game. She gave everyone who wanted to talk to her all the time they needed with her and that will help everyone involved. She also stayed late to go over a few more things and go talk to her boss to fill him in with the days activities and progress. . The one thing it tells me for sure is that being project manager is a very hectic job. It clearly takes all that a person has to do such a difficult and fast paced job.

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Coming in to work early and staying at work much later than everyone else is the minimum a person can do. The project manger has many responsibilities that the rest of team doesn’t, all the personnel have to do is get their task for the day and complete it, but the project manager not only has to assign these individual tasks but also manage the progress and deal with any unforeseen obstacles that may arise.

The project manager has to keep everything on track and running smoothly, and Rachel has been doing a good job of it. | Being a project manager seems to be a pretty difficult job, the manager has to be able to juggle multiple tasks at one time and I don’t believe that just anyone can assume that position and excel at it very soon. It is a long learning process and everything project the manager works on teaches them something new, but each project is different from the last and will be different from the next.

The project manager has to have the ability to make quick decisions because difficulties will arise and they need to be able to adjust to them very quickly. The rest of the team members have an assigned task to follow and complete, but the project manager has to set those tasks for everyone but also keep the project on track and on time, adjust to any changes that may occur, and report progress to their boss and the client. Having to multitask throughout the entire project makes this job very difficult.

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