Being Healthy

The saying, “Without disease is a good fortune. ” is true. Many people go through their lives trying to maintain a good health. When people have a good health, they are more likely to live happier life. Being healthy is the key to surviving in this world, both physically and mentally. Some keys to being physically and mentally healthy are : eating right, take a rest, do exercise, be an optimistic and stress-free person. Eating right is the most important because everyone needs to eat for surviving in this world.

Nowadays, there are many foods that you can choose according to your preference. Some are useful such as fresh fruits and vegetables which are extremely high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. But some are not such as high-fat diets and starchy foods which cause many diseases. So, it depends on you that what kind of food you will choose for yourself. Next, take a rest. Rest is what you do to let stress subside and make you calm down. A good way of getting rest is to take up an enjoyable activity.

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Take a nap during the day is not only an effective and refreshing alternative to caffeine, it can also protect your health and make you more productive. Reading novels, watching TV or socializing can be very good rest. In addition, the best way to being physically healthy is exercise. Exercise can help protect you from many diseases, especially obesity. You should exercise every day, at least 30 minutes a day. And the best time for exercise is in the evening.

This is because in the evening you have a lot of remaining energy, comparing to in the morning, for metabolism, then on bed time you will have less nutrients and your liver not to work hard because there are no nutrients for retained in any part of your body. As a result, you will not be a fat person. Keys to be mentally healthy are be an optimistic and stress-free person. There are simple ways to be optimistic. First, you have to understand that the past does not equal the future. Therefore make today your best day for the better in the future. Second, see yourself as a cause, not an effect.

Then, remember that life is short–it’s too short for hatred or doing bad things. The last way is being a balanced optimist. You not need to be the best who never doing anything wrong, but you have to understand that being pessimistic about everything–prepare for the worst but hope for the best, and the last one is being stress-free person. Stress, everyone deal with it. Whether it be your studies, your jobs, or relationship problem, stress is there. You cannot avoid stress but you can reduce it. There are many ways for you to reduce stress : take a deep breath, laugh, learn to say no! ecause you cannot doing everything you are asked, other one is doing nothing–close the door, open the window, have a seat, and take a little break from life. These ways will make you calm down and feel better. The media seemingly has the most influence on why people want to change their appearance. With super skinny models and actors, it’s no wonder people want to look like them. But people need to think positivity about themselves to remain healthy. Healthy cannot be purchased, if you need it you have to build it by yourself for yourself.

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